See Santa Claus Slaughter Rudolph and Friends in this Ultra-Violent 'Beauty of Horror' Claymation

To celebrate the Halloween release of The Beauty of Horror: Ghosts of Christmas coloring book (IDW Publishing), bestselling creator Alan Robert has teamed up with visionary animator Trent Shy to produce a must-see, claymation massacre set in The North Pole.
This gory stop-motion clip follows Ghouliana, the undead girl from Robert's hit IDW coloring book series, as she unleashes her wrath on the holiday season's most beloved characters. Poor ol' St. Nick quickly falls under Ghouliana's spell and is forced to hunt down Rudolph and friends, wielding a bloodied chainsaw. Devilish elves brutally dismember everyone's favorite Elf on the Shelf, and even Frosty the Snowman gets his due before Ghouliana flies off into the moonlight driving Santa's sleigh. 

"Trent and I hit it off immediately," says Robert. "First of all, we're both huge horror fans and love practical gore effects, so we definitely bonded over that. When we were first discussing the project, we spent many nights laughing about the endless ways we were gonna torture Santa's reindeer and destroy his workshop. Our motto was the bloodier the better (laughs)." Robert adds, "Trent's ability to take my 2D drawings and adapt them into the 3D space is truly mind-blowing. He really put his own creative stamp on it and created something visually stunning. It's like an R-rated homage to A Nightmare Before Christmas."
"This was the most fun I've ever had with one of our claymations," Shy commented. "Alan and I had a blast bouncing disturbing ideas off of each other. I love The Beauty of Horror books and loved his vision for this film so much that it really made this a passion project for me. Stop motion animation can be very frustrating and time consuming, so I think it was that passion that got me through and made the film what it is."
Alan Robert will appear at New York Comic Con on Friday, Oct. 5th, signing his Beauty of Horror coloring books at the IDW Publishing booth #1844 (12PM-1PM)
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The Beauty of Horror: Ghosts of Christmas Coloring Book by Alan Robert arrives in stores October 30, 2018 from IDW Publishing.
TP * BW * $12.99 * 64 Pages * 7" x 7" * ISBN: 978-1-68405-332-2
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