Tallah Featuring Max Portnoy and Justin Bonitz Release Video for Single "Placenta"

Pennsylvania metal band Tallah released the high energy video for their single "Placenta" on YouTube. The band is currently on tour in support of their single and video, which will be followed by their soon to be released 5 song EP.
Here is what the band had to say about the song and video:
Max Portnoy: "It's Like 2001, but with all the new age twist you could want and none of the rehashed BULLSHIT."
AJ: "The song is very anxiety inducing."
Justin Bonitz: "We say, NO ONE SHOULD READ THIS, but we hope they at least listen to it."
Cooper: "I want people to worry about our mental state when they're done watchin us."
Tallah shares a passion for playing intense, angry, loud, heavy, and intricately weird music. The band relies on the spirit of innovative metal realized thru panicked guitar screams treated with industrial elements and distortion. Screaming vocals mixed with melodic choruses and driving bass guitar with deep and dirty tones, sync up effortlessly with the thunderous bellows of the drums and screeching ping of the snare.
Tallah is comprised of 5 members from Pennsylvania ,Justin Bonitz on vocals, Andrew Cooper on bass, Derrick Schneider on guitar, AJ Wisniewski on guitar and Max Portnoy on drums . They offer an unexpected, different and insane live performance at every show. The energy they emit onstage is like no other and will challenge you to stay put!
Tallah debuted their live set in Brooklyn, NY at Saint Vitus, and their Philly premiere at The Voltage Lounge followed by a West Coast debut performance at the Schecter Show, during the NAMM Conference 2018.
"Placenta" is available at these outlets:
The Ontology Tour Dates:

For More Information Please Visit:


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