BAH: Tell your fans and our readers about the making of song "Hallelujah"

SHIM: The song was basically recorded in my bedroom. I went to Nashville to track the drums but everything else was recorded in la. And the gospel choir section was just a bunch of my vocals stacked on top of each other.

BAH: When the idea came up for the song, was the first thought about the video was "hummm socks?" Please fill us in on this amazing video!

SHIM: No that came after! It happened because I was watching a bunch of YouTube videos by other bands that didn’t really do it for me.
Then I stumbled upon the sock puppet parody videos. I reached out to them and it all came together pretty quickly once I told them the idea I wanted to do.

BAH: Were the socks hard to deal with on set? Who had the bigger dressing room?

SHIM: I always get the bigger dressing room.

BAH: When may we expect the album to come out?

SHIM: 4th quarter of the year I would say.

BAH: Is there a tour in the works?

SHIM: I’m looking for the right tour as we speak. I have been waiting to get the single out and on the radio before I started heavy touring. But now that it is out I should be hitting the road very soon!

BAH: Having been in Sick Puppies you played some big shows, how was playing Rock on the Range as a solo artist?

SHIM: Pretty exciting honestly. I was very nervous before I walked out but after a couple of songs I sank back into it. Then it was just like old times.

BAH: We thank you for taking time out of your schedule to answer questions for our readers and your fans, please give any shout outs and all your social media links!

SHIM: Thank you so much helping get the word out.
Here are the links -
IG: @ShimMusic


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