On May 17th Darkness descended upon the Sunset Strip! SOULFLY & NILE REVIEW BY LANE STEELE

Death metal gods, Nile and Groove metal icons, Soulfly took over the Whiskey A Go-Go.  The night was packed full of insane pits and fist pumping, head banging fans.  The venue itself was almost filled to capacity.  Everyone in attendance was ready for a great show and all the bands did not disappoint.  This was a rare treat to have two very different bands in the genre of metal co-headling a gig.  At first I was honestly quite skeptical thinking that the Death metal fans of Nile would not stay to see Soulfy’s brand of Groove metal, but I was 100% wrong!

The night started with local act and Whisky A Go-Go veterans, Darksun.  They put on a very interactive show where frontman, Jordan Sassone did a great job pumping up the crowd for Nile.  The bass player Chris Dale head banged his ass off and prominently wore a shirt saying “Fuck Pearl Jam”, which I thought was funny.  The Drummer Dio Britto, who has played in Westfield Massacre as well was an absolutely amazing asset live.  Britto played with extreme precision and had a great stage presence.  All and all Darksun was very entertaining and I would recommend checking them out when their new EP comes out.

Nile came out all guns blazing! Nile is maybe the only death metal act ever to have 3 different frontmen.  They band traded lead vocals as well as had harmonized growls, which again I think is a staple of Nile and Nile alone. Karl Sanders was absolutely amazing and his signature leads stood out and he did a great job engaging the audience.  Geogre Kollias is maybe one of the greatest Death metal drummers of all time.  His technique and ability to blast beat, left me with my jaw on the floor.  The newest additions of Brad Parris on bass/vocals and Brian Kingsland on guitar/vocals were great assets to the intensity of their set.  If you are a fan of Death metal and have never seen Nile it is an absolute must!

When Soulfy came on stage not one person left from the Nile set.  I was very surprised as Death metal fans are notorious for being “purists” and not very into other sub genres of metal.  Max is a legend and a total frontman and led the audience in chants and sing alongs throughout the whole set.  Marc Rizzo, the lead guitarist has an amazing presence on stage and plays with tons of passion.  Mike Leon the current bassist played everything note per note and also offered great backing vocals to the iconic frontman.  Zyon Cavalera the drummer, who also happens to be Max’s son did an amazing job and his playing style is much like his uncle Igor’s.  Soulfly’s show is a ton of fun and their set list paid homage to the long career of Max.  Next time they come to your town I highly recommend catching them!

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