This review has been very difficult for me to write, not because I can't find the words to review the show, because I am finding it hard to convey the feelings that were shared at the Troubadour on Sunday May 6th. 
Words can't really put into context what we shared during Myles' set, yes it was a rock show, yes I have been to thousands of shows but I have never been moved and shaken to my core as I was this night.
During a typical show being behind the lens there is a certain detachment from your surroundings where you are merely a speck on the wall doing your work and you miss what is truly important, not this night!
I found myself transfixed on the single man and his guitar on stage, singing a mix of Mayfield Four, Alter Bridge, Slash and the Conspirators, and Myles own solo work. From the moment Myles walked on stage he had the sold out audience ready to have experience for which they will remember for a  lifetime, and I for one will.
We were taken to Myles Kennedy's home garage, hanging out listening to stories ranging from his days trying to make it with The Mayfield Four to how he gets songs finished with the help of his wife Selena.
We as a collective one were singing along to songs we love like The Mayfield Four's "Eden", "Starlight," but when Myles broke into a medley of "Wonderful Life" and "Watch Over You" which I found myself mesmerized on what I was hearing and feeling, I didn't shoot a single shot for ten minutes for I had tears streaming down my face, singing my heart along with the crowd who just as I was!
If you are lucky enough to see The Year of the Tiger tour you will be changed after, and if you haven't seen this tour and it is heading to your town it is a can't miss event!
Please enjoy our pictures, we hope that the power of the show is shown below. 

  2. Devil on the Wall
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  19. Encore:
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