Blacktop Mojo and Locust Grove come to The Viper Room to deliver a message. - The heartland still Rocks!

Last night at the Viper Room was sort of an episode of Wife Swap for me.  I originally signed up for the assignment when OC's Joyous Wolf was on the bill.  Upon confirmation of media credentials last week I was informed that Joyous Wolf decided to play Rocklahoma instead.  However, I was asked if I could still cover Oklahoma's Locust Grove, as they are represented by the same publicist as Blacktop Mojo. So California's sons would play in Oklahoma, and Oklahoma's sons would play in California.  Sounds fair enough I said.  Then I downloaded Locust Grove's Monster EP (released August 2017) and almost got a speeding ticket and blew the speakers in my car. Wow! Now I was more than excited to see them live.  They certainly did not disappoint and put on a spectacular show.  The four piece Hard Rock band bring a heavy rhythm section that is perfectly rounded off with mature vocals.  There are no gimmicks with this Rock Band, it was a set of well written songs performed with high intensity and true professionalism.  The headliner for the night was Blacktop Mojo from Texas.  They also did not come to L.A. with smoke and mirrors. They came to deliver a message from the heartland.  America still knows how to Rock.  It was as if these two bands were Prophets who came to the Holy City of Rock and Roll to say that the Walls of Jericho would be rebuilt in America's heartland.  Both bands provided a very enjoyable night of Hard Rock and I for one definitely can't wait to hear more from them.    

You can read more about Locust Grove here.
You can read more about Blacktop Mojo here.

Photos courtesy of Hollywood Rock Photographer Robert De Anda

Locust Grove

Blacktop Mojo


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