With relentless fervor and reckless abandon, Los Angeles quartet Who We Are launches an impressively direct and powerful act to mark the beginning of what is promising to be an undoubtedly striking, notable and remarkable career profile in the current state of the music industry through “Memory” – an ambitious project presenting a captivating product of natural talent and tendency for creativity, combining technical and instrumental prowess and subtly extraordinary musicianship, alongside unique songwriting abilities. Prepared by a production super team, consisting of Johnny Young (Message To The Masses), Nick Morzov (Cartographer/The Night Game/Dan and Shay) and the legendary Kevin Thrasher (Escape The Fate) and containing a luxurious feature by the latter as well, “Memory” blazes a trail, flying headfirst into the global music scene with a versatility that is marginally unmatched by the majority of the artists nowadays and a product, constructed by musical components, which are impeccably and intricately crafted, weaving in and out of each other expertly, ultimately unifying an absolute powerhouse sonic display of musical bliss. Accompanied by a high-profile grandiose visual representation, showcasing the sincere inspiration, the deep meaning and the genuine influence behind the song’s creation in an impossible way for words to describe, “Memory” surely certifies Who We Are as a formation set to erupt with volatile, yet expressive sound that refuses nothing less than your full attention, as this song is truly a one of a kind material, which has the rare and pure talent to immerse you and ensure that within the next 3 minutes, you will know exactly Who We Are.

In a collective statement, the band provides further explanation and information regarding the product’s essence: “This is a song trying to give people an inside look and a first-hand experience of what it's like to be dying of cancer and watching someone you love die of cancer. The video depicts unnecessary conflicts in a household as wasted time of enjoying someone's company that's close to you. “Memory” also has a deeper meaning, such as the split that can happen between a family due to such dramatic news. Whether it's lashing out, trying to cope or trying to distance yourself from the person who is terminal. The song is about one of the band’s members’ father, who is actually cast in the video. We wanted to show the struggle Nikko was going through with his dad's illness and to also honor his dad. We are so pleased with the final product and hope it speaks to everyone. Ultimately, we just want to make great music that others enjoy.”

"Memory" is also the first single off Who We Are's upcoming debut self-titled EP, to be released on 20th April! More details to be announced soon!


1. "Welcome To The Show"
2. "Seizure"
4. "The Antagonist"
5. "Carousel"
6. "Sophia"


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