Emerging Artist Spotlight - Alex Cole brings "Retro Rock" to the Whisky a Go Go

Photos by Hollywood Rock Photographer Robert De Anda.

The first time I saw Alex Cole play was last year at the Viper Room.  I was pleasantly surprised with the high energy show that paid tribute to the roots of Rock.  When approached with the opportunity to cover the show at The Whisky a Go Go, I quickly re-arranged other plans to make sure I was there. 

As expected, Alex Cole did not disappoint. I felt like the keeper of great secrets when audience members around me turned to me with surprised grins and said, "Wow! This guy is awesome!"  But alas, the cat was out of the bag.  Now it was time to let the music described recently as "Retro-Rock" to carry us into the voyage of vintage guitar virtuosity. 

Classically trained as a Bartione Tenor, Alex's vocals remind you of Ronnie James Dio meets Paul Rodgers.  However, it is his command of the electric guitar that immediately captivates you.  His riffs are fat, and his leads are a technical marvel. The best part of enjoying Alex Cole live is that his shows are alot of fun.  The show at The Whisky was no exception.  

I have been writing recently about my excitement over the young musicians who are bringing 70's styled rock to the airwaves. As much as there is heart in these acts (Greta Van Fleet, Joyous Wolf, Dorothy), I worry that in our growing fascination for the "youth revolution" we abandon those who have cut their teeth, who have mastered their chords, and scales and have many years of experience with their voices and instruments.  This is where Alex Cole comes in to help bridge the gap.  You can learn more about Alex, and listen to him at ALEXCOLEROCKS.COM

Set List:

Free For All
Chain Reaction

Bad Boy Rocker
Gold Washerman
Lady Horse-Fly
I’m Not Gonna Take It Slow
Bad Wild And Rough
Double Ace To Hell


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