BAH: Would you introduce the band to our readers, and breakdown their roles in the band.

HP: Tony Milson - Vocals
  Aaron Chambers - Lead Guitar
Billy Brynda - Rhythm Guitar
Brandon Bollinger - Bass/Vocals
Preston Seymour - Drums

BAH: When you are on the road and you need to cook a meal who is the best cook in the band and what is their go to meal?

HP: The best cook in the band is most definitely the cooks at Steak N' Shake, ha! We usually don't get an opportunity to actually cook meals, so most of it is canned food, fruits, peanuts, or other packaged food. We're trying to improve the more healthier options on the road though!

BAH: Based out of St. Louis what is the metal scene like there?

HP: It's had it's ups and downs to be quite honest. When we first started out in the scene, we were just getting a feel for it. Currently, I feel like it's on it's way up though, which is good, because it's about building camaraderie within the scene. The more support you have for each other, the better and stronger the scene will ultimately be.

BAH: Your latest EP Beyond Our Name is pretty amazing what is your favorite song to play live and why?

HP: Well first off, thank you very much!! It was a lengthy process in terms of writing it, but we are definitely happy with the outcome. As far as which one I enjoy the most live would probably be the title track, "Beyond Our Name". I like getting the crowd into certain parts, and it's got a nice groove to it. We have CO2 cannons that go off at the intro too, which I always enjoy watching. Helps make the part hit harder.

BAH: Are you working on any new music at the moment?

HP: Yes. While we are touring heavily at the moment, we are still taking time out to write new tunes. We have a few songs that are, for the most part, done. It's always important to release new material as much as you can, while at the same time making it the best song you can possibly make it.

BAH: When touring with bigger bands is it hard to be you on stage, or do you try to go bigger and harder?

HP: We don't ever really care how many people, or who we play with, we just like to go out there and give it our all every time. I grew up playing sports all year round so I'm a pretty competitive person and like to leave it all out there each night. So do the other guys in this band.

BAH: If you could be the festival master and create your own music festival what would you call it? What bands would you want to play it, besides Hallow Point?

HP: Tough question.. I would probably lose a lot of money if I ran the festival, because I would try and get all the bands I love. So many to name! I also like how some festivals get other genres too, so I would definitely mix in a few curve ball type artists as well. For starters, I would have; Metallica, Iron Maiden, Parkway Drive, Wage War, Stick To Your Guns, and Avenged Sevenfold. Then throw in, Tech Nine, Yelawolf, Royal Blood, and Rebelution. Can I also put this on a cruise ship? Because who wouldn't love to sail the high seas while jamming out?! Maybe, I'll call it, Legends of the Sea.. Terrible name I know!

BAH: What does the band do to pass the time on the road?

HP: There's quite a bit we do to pass the time. Some of us work full time while on the road, others dedicate the time to focus on business matters for the band, artwork, booking, etc. We also like to workout at Planet Fitness most days, and get a shower there too. Plus we're all really good friends so we just like to hang out with each other!

BAH: In every horror movie we all know who will be the first victim, if Hallow Point found themselves in a horror movie who would be the first to go and why?

HP: Without question or hesitation, our guitarist, Billy. First off, he has a bad ankle so running is sometimes out of the question. Although, plot twist, he could be the killer the whole time?!! M. Night Shyamalan twist right there for you!

BAH: Everybody has that one song in their playlist that is kinda embarrassing, what is yours?

HP: Either, Taylor Swift - Bad Blood or something by Coldplay. But at the same time, I'm not embarrassed!... And now I'm going to listen to Bad Blood, so there's that.

BAH: We thank you for taking time out and answering some questions, please let the readers and fans know about your upcoming tour, and any shout outs you may have?

HP: Shout out to all the people that have followed us throughout this journey. Whether it's been since day 1, or even just yesterday! We cannot thank you enough for your kind words, buying merch, watching us live, or even just talking with us. We like to meet everyone we possibly can! Be sure to catch us on our upcoming tours from March 9th-24th, as well as upcoming dates to be announced in April and May, which includes a performance at this years Rocklahoma Festival, which features bands like, A Perfect Circle, Trivium, Ghost, I Prevail, Godsmack, and many many more!!


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