Joyous Wolf play the Iconic Whisky a Go Go

There is a sign at the Whisky a Go Go that reads, "If you stage dive, you go home".  It is a familiar sign for all of us, the regular concert photographers on the Sunset Strip.  Recently Southern California's Joyous Wolf packed the legendary venue and didn't bother to read the sign.  I'm glad they didn't. 

If I am to be perfectly honest, and I hope I always am, the raw Rock n' Roll energy of a young band leaving their soul on stage was a refreshing and welcomed sight.  This was my first time experiencing this band.  They were the opening band for Tuesday's Ultimate Jam Night.  The first thing that struck me was that the Whisky was already packed by 8:30.  This band has a following and it showed.  For all of you kids (both 17 and 40 year old) complaining about having to sell tickets to play at The Whisky, this is what's supposed to happen.  I have been listening a lot to Greta Van Fleet recently and have to remind myself that they are a young band playing true Rock n' Roll in 2018.  I have to remind myself that Rock is not dead to everyone, and that there are young kids in garages around the country practicing, perfecting, and waiting to unleash the new era of blues based rock on us.  I mention Greta Van Fleet, not because I am comparing their sound or style to Joyous Wolf ( although Joyous Wolf certainly embody the return of 60s,70s style Rock.  I mention them because I can't help but think that the next generation has something to show us that will leave us with our jaws dropped.  This band did exactly that and when vocalist Nick Reese dove into the crowd not a single security guard cared.  

Despite severe technical difficulties with the guitar amps, they put on a show that punched the old-timers in the gut and put a smile on my face.  Nick Reese's energy and charisma is electric and contagious, the rhythm section of bassist Greg Braccio and drummer Robert Sodaro saved the night when, unfortunately, Blake Allard's amps crapped out.  When Blake was finally able to join in, he didn't disappoint.  Check out Joyous Wolf's Website Here.


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