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10 Years, From Ashes to New, Painted Wives, Spirit in the Room @ The Roxy Hollywood

Photos by Hollywood Rock Photographer Robert De Anda

From Ashes to New

Painted Wives

Spirit in the Room

Las Rageous Adds Otherwise & New Years Day To Music Lineup

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Sin City’s premier rock and metal festival,Las Rageous, has released an updated performance lineup with the addition of hometown heroesOtherwise, along with goth-rock royaltyNew Years Day. Coming to theDowntown Las Vegas Events Centerfor its highly anticipated second year onFriday, April 20 andSaturday, April 21, theLive Nation-created music festival will take over two square blocks, in the heart of iconic downtown Las Vegas.
Otherwise and New Years Day join an already exciting lineup of both rock and metal icons and impressive newcomers. Festivalgoers can expect to hear fan favorites and possibly new music from Sin City mainstay and Saturday night headliner Five Finger Death Punch (who recently released their greatest hits album, A Decade Of Destruction), and an eclectic set from A Perfect Circle that may include their brand new song, “Disillusioned.” Additionally,…


FELLOW BEASTS!  It is official, 2018 is well underway and up first for this potentially exciting new year I actually had a chance recently to catch up with 10 Years at the Come And Take It Live, here in Austin, TX.  10 Years is seemingly the sleeper hitmakers of the Alt-Rock/Alt-Metal Genre, but with no shortage of infectious melodies like Fix Me, Shoot It Up, or Russian Roulette.  Last week they even performed a haunting rendition of Nirvana's Heart Shaped Box. The show closed on their key hits Novacaine and Actions & Motives, hopefully we will have a chance to catch up with them again this summer.  Ladies and Beasts, I give you... 10 YEARS!


Saxon, the legendary English heavy metal band, has just released the second single and video “They Played Rock And Roll” from their new upcoming album ‘Thunderbolt.’   “The song tells the story of Saxon's very first tour in 1979 with Motörhead” says frontman Biff Byford.  “I want people to get a flavor of what it was like in the UK in 79/80 for Saxon and Motörhead at the start of the 80s musical revolution.” Saxon isn’t wasting any time in 2018. Following the critically acclaimed release of ‘Battering Ram’ in 2015, the heavy metal giants are set to release their latest studio album, ‘Thunderbolt,’ on February 2nd via the Militia Guard label (Silver Lining Music). ‘Thunderbolt’ will feature original Artwork by long time Saxon collaborator Paul Raymond Gregory. “This is album 22, and it's called Thunderbolt” adds Byford. “It's a Storming Smashing Thundering collection of tracks we've been crafting with Producer,Andy Sneap and it's finished and ready to be unleashed. Stan…

Loudness Release "Soul on Fire" Video

Japanese Heavy Metal legends Loudness display their blind determination and unchallenged fighting power with their brand new videofor "Soul on Fire." It's an anthem that is celebrating the band's unique identity – an anthem which does not merely describe their intention to rock the world but that, with its power and drive, simply does so. "We're gonna rock on," it says. "Gonna burn you up now, get your soul on fire." And so they do

The new album Rise to Glory is out today, January 26, via earMUSIC.

"Soul on Fire" is a testament to Loudness' fans, ensuring them that with a career spanning over three decades, Loudness have not lost the young, burning passion which has earned them worldwide praise and two albums in the U.S. charts.

This intention is translating well through the moving images of the video. Viewers are presented with the setting of an empty basement parking garage, which is populated by the band. The gloomy atmosphere is…

Rock Trio WEAK13 Release New Viking Style Video For 'Loyal Coward'

British independent band WEAK13 have released the 'Loyal Coward' music video set in the Viking Age featuring the Svartland Living History Society. who hail from Wordsley, West Midlands. Their latest music video, taken from their album 'They Live', is definitely the most commercial sounding WEAK13 song to date but nothing is ever quite what it seems in regards to how the band functions.

Normally a WEAK13 tune is coated in semiotics, subliminal messages or loud subtext but the first glance of 'Loyal Coward' appears surprisingly landmine free, extremely mainstream and very radio friendly. Whilst on the surface it appears as if this is them selling out it's more than likely that this a clever rouse rather than a U-Turn but are they really playing with people's minds?

WEAK13 is one of the most influential British DIY bands since the millennium age. Always inspiring fresh upcoming bands with their strong anti-mainstream message, manic self-funded music videos a…