Getting the opportunity to see HIM play live one last time was nothing short of a great night. This love metal band has been around since 1991, so they've been playing for 26 years. After 26 years these guys have decided to part ways, but gave everyone one last chance to see them before they go. They sold out two nights in Los Angeles at The Wiltern. I got to see their second date on October 25th and it was such a great performance. They came on stage playing "Buried Alive by Love", and that was definitely a great way to start out the night and hype everyone up. Thinking back on the night these guys just played so many bangers. This was my third time seeing them I believe, but my favorite time seeing them was at the Hollywood Palladium since it's just a more intimate venue. It made more sense to have these shows at the Wiltern since it is a bigger venue.  
Everything that night sounded so pristine, these guys never fail to impress with their live shows. I've always noticed they don't have much of a stage presence, but in all honesty, it doesn't matter when you make sure EVERYTHING sounds AMAZING. They have always made sure to make everything look good and sound even better. These guys are also getting older, so that whole stage presence thing comes with age. They exasperate all their energy into how they sound, which makes it cool. Every single note, never any mistakes. I'm so happy to have seen them again, I last saw them in 2013/14 for Tears on Tape when they toured to promote that. I also got to meet the band when this store called Soundcheck Hollywood was still around, so that was awesome.  
The most hyped the crowd got was they heard the guitar intro to "Wings of a Butterfly", everyone started shouting and screaming. It was cool to see all the emo/goth community join together. HIM definitely has a huge goth fanbase which is cool cause you see everyone singing together, just talking to each other, and making new friends. Anyways, the funniest moment throughout the whole show was how Ville took off his jacket and just held it throughout the whole show instead of placing it somewhere. He was too focused on singing to care about it, which means a lot to me. If he's not focused on finding a place to place the jacket down, then he's super into what he's doing and is trying to deliver a great show. I just hope people understand that like I do.  
I'm so glad I got to witness this last show live before they disband. It's sad to see such talent leave the community, but I get it. What a gracious gift to have been able to see them one last time. 

Buried Alive by Love 
Heartache Every Moment 
Your Sweet Six Six Six 
The Kiss of Dawn 
The Sacrament 
Tears on Tape 
Wings of a Butterfly 
Gone with the Sin 
Soul on Fire 
Wicked Game (Chris Isaak cover) 
Killing Loneliness 
Poison Girl 
Bleed Well 
Join Me in Death 
It's All Tears (Drown in This Love) 
In Joy and Sorrow 
Right Here in My Arms 
The Funeral of Hearts 
Rebel Yell (Billy Idol cover) 
When Love and Death Embrace  


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