Chuck Mosley (Original Faith No More Frontman) Reintroduces himself at The Viper Room

August 17th, 2016 - The Sunset Strip / West Hollywood, CA
Review by Tony Santiago / Photos by Hollywood Rock Photographer Robert De Anda

Chuck Mosely, born and somewhat raised in Hollywood, California finally gets his chance to play the infamous Viper room. Playing music for over 40 years and selling millions of records in his lifetime does not phase Chuck nor does he let it slow him down or his musical ambitions. With over 30 dates left on his first solo tour in years, Chuck and co have paved out quite a lengthy tour schedule. I got a chance to meet up with him before the show at the Viper. I'll have an interview to post shortly. I could tell he was nervous but I could also tell he was pumped for the show. 

His tour is being totally self managed by Douglas Esper, his right hand man.  With the help of Douglas and a few new additions to the group, they pulled off an enjoyable evening of all the songs we love and remember. The newer songs had some kick and a nice bite to them as well.  The new songs all will be released on his first solo record ever due out this November. It was nice hearing some new Chuck material. 

While the band sometimes sounded disjointed, it always eventually snapped back into place ala Mosley fashion. One favorite ditty Chuck likes to play live as he did tonight is Faith No More's Take This Bottle. Which of course is an interesting choice since it's a Mike Patton era FNM song that was written way after Chuck was no longer in the picture. I think it strikes a chord with Chuck as well as probably a desire to sing a Patton song after Mike's been singing his material live for years. They did a beautiful version of The Crab Song which till this day is still one of my favorite Faith No More songs. Chuck's singing style can sometimes be compared to the late Johnny Cash or Leonard Cohen with a flair of George Clinton funk added to the vocal mix. The crowd definitely seemed into it as they were singing along most of the night which isn't always the easiest thing to get out of a Hollywood audience. 

The sound in The Viper room is top notch and one of the best rooms in Los Angeles to play. The band sounded really bright and full in there with the help of the knob twisting masters that have been cranking rock n roll on the strip for decades now. Yes there were a couple of rough spots here and there where the guys lost their place but just some growing pains on what seems to be a very demanding tour schedule. I'm sure things will get polished as the tour moves along. I'd like to wish Chuck, Douglas and the rest of the crew the best of luck. It's good to see some music veterans still playing out there and still blowing people away with their beautiful sounds and live arrangement


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