Q: Let my readers and your fans know a little about your band, how you got together, what roles each of you play in the band?

Dakota: We’ve been a band for almost six years now. We started up in Santa Barbara, CA as a side project of a bunch bands that we’re local to the area. We’ve been through a lot of member changes over the years but the three of us have been the core of the group for most of the bands existence. The three of us being, Dakota Gartner (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Hayden Bush (Lead Guitar/Back Vox), and Taylor Hurtado (Drums). We’ve been through a lot together and saying we’re best friends is almost an understatement. We are family and this band is the product of our musical influences and experiments. 

Q: Naked Walrus is one of the best names for a band ever, how did that name come about?

Dakota: Glad that you think that! We’re definitely very fond of our name although we’ve gotten mixed opinions over the years. We like to tell a different story each time we’re asked this question. Naked(Sexy) + Walrus(Funny) + Bad Ass Rock Band = Epic band name with awesome branding.  

Q: Every band has their musical influences, where did Naked Walrus get theirs from?

Dakota: Our band is really influenced by alternative rock bands such as Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Thrice, Manchester Orchestra, as well a ton of other musicians. We each individually listen to tons of music all the time and are constantly inspired by the are around us. With this influence we try to create music that is heavy, melodic, gritty and beautiful. 

Lets talk Warped Tour!

Q: Which stops will you guys be playing?

Dakota: We’re playing the Vans Warped Tour in Las Vegas (6/23), Salt Lake City (6/24) and Denver (6/25) as well as doing a tour around the country in the mix. 

Q: In the past interviews with bands showers are hard to come by, how many do you think you might get this summer? 

Dakota: We’re gonna try and get at least one shower per member a week….. Realistically i’m sure we’ll be able to get one at least every other day. It is true though life on the road is challenging when it comes to the porcelain and running water. 

Q: How did Naked Walrus get picked to play Warped Tour?

Dakota: This is the second time we’ve played Warped. Last time was in 2014. Along with this we have all worked Warped Tour as well as many other festivals and tours over the past several years. Through working these events we became friends with Kevin Lyman and he was gracious enough to give us a couple of dates this summer on Warped in order to get us moving in the direction of Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI, which we are playing on June 29th

Q: What is the best cover song you guys do during band practice just messing about? Do you ever do covers on tour?

Dakota: That’s a hard one because we play a lot of covers on the road. Sometimes we have to do 2 or 3 hour sets, which require us to throw in some good covers. One of our favorite covers that we do is a song called “Grandmas Hands” by Bill Withers. It’s so fun and soulful! 

Q: Please let my readers know anything else that wasn't covered, shout out, links to videos, Facebook etc.  

Dakota: Not only are we playing Vans Warped Tour and Summerfest this summer but we’re hitting a bunch of markets that we’ve never played before. Along with this we’re working on new material and plan on dropping a single towards the end of 2017. You can keep in touch with us via our social media accounts or at our website www.nakedwalrus.com


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