Carolina Rebellion has become a music festival that certainly sets itself apart. Not only is it one of the biggest festivals in the two Carolinas but it has slowly become one of the best that The World’s Loudest Months has to offer. Located in Concord, North Carolina the setup is created around an area that is normally full of NASCAR fans. The entire thing is built right outside the Charlotte Motor Speedway. This makes parking, lodging, and grub finding a breeze! The overall organization and pre-planning has come a long way, making this Rebellion longer and more fun each and every year.
The first day is always when attendees, go the hardest. They have worked hard year-round to enjoy their own weekend of music madness. People had spent the day finding friends, enjoying their favorite bands, and drinking until their heart was content. No one realized that on Friday, May 5th 2017, that nights headliner would be shaken to the core with an awful tragedy. Soundgarden put on a breath-taking performance that evening. The sound of his unforgettable voice echoed throughout the area. He seemed to be in great spirits considering the unbelievably big crowd had dwindled down to a few thousand people. People were tired, they were spent for the day. So, they flooded out of Rebellion to rest up for day two. Unknowingly missing the last time, they would ever see Chris Cornell live. Being a huge fan of the iconic band, it was sad at the time seeing so few people there to enjoy the show. It is even more sad now knowing that so many absolutely cringe at the thought of not sticking it out for their set. No matter the crowd, the band put on an incredible show. Everyone that was able to see it have a wonderful memory of such a legendary man.
The talented musicians of day two were ready to show fans what they were all about. DED one of the opening bands for Saturday were full of energy and ready to greet those tired hungover faces of the crowd. The band has a distinctive look about them along with a full set of killer tunes. Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes were another band on the up and coming in the lineup. Front man Carter enjoys getting up close and personal with fans. He had a blast turning up the crazy for every rebel in sight. The Pretty Reckless with lead singer Taylor Momsen and guitarist Ben Phillips are a force. They have unbelievable music driven chemistry. The band as a whole demonstrates pure undiluted rock and roll. They also had an amazing time slot, which gave every rebel in attendance the opportunity to see them.
Zippo Encore has truly changed the game up when it comes to impressions. On Saturday, people who had purchased a Zippo lighter were candidates to enjoy a private acoustic show from an unknown band. Things were super secretive, even some of the employees had no idea who would be taking the stage. Right on que the members of Korn walked onto the stage to produce one of the most intimate and hair-raising shows of the entire weekend. There was possibly a total of 50 people who got to see it and it is guaranteed they will never forget it. Although the set was short, getting to hear the two songs they played was extraordinary. Next year we can all only hope the folks at Zippo can offer something so cool again!
The two stages playing at once make it difficult to decide who to watch. Who do you have the desire to see more? That was the question when Sum 41 and In Flames played at the same time on day two. Almost equally divided fans ventured to each stage with a few stragglers in between. Plenty of people ended up at the bar or went to find food at this point just so they did not have to choose. They had to fuel up for the big head liners. Korn and Def Leppard both so very different and from different spectrums of Rock and Roll, gave people something to remember. It took people back to a different time. A different time in their lives, a different time in music. That is what these festivals are all about. Taking yourself somewhere you want to be with the power of music.
Day three everyone may be tired and almost broke but none of that matters. Sunday was a beautiful day, probably the best weather all weekend. The band times were not quite as packed so timing for each stage was a bit laxer. Rebels were able to sit back and relax. VIP was an excellent choice for all three days. If you were not able to make it to your preferred performance you could simply sit back with a cold drink and watch them on the big screen. There are many festivals that VIP has been lacking in luxury but Carolina Rebellion knows how to put the Southern Charm into it. The biggest crowds for the day were most definitely for Three Days Grace and Papa Roach. Both of these bands are fun and have an astoundingly loyal fan base.
Later in the evening Mr. Ronnie Radke lead singer of Falling In Reverse threw a hissy fit on stage in front of his fans. Smashing a guitar and yelling at staff was not something he planned to do that day but it happened and everyone who saw it will not forget it. Fans soon ventured onto something else after seeing the talented Radke lash out. The Offspring and Avenged Sevenfold close the evening. The Offspring has always had such a unique sound. Folks who had not listened to the band in years were super excited to hear Dexter’s voice ring throughout the festival. When it was time for Avenged Sevenfold, although most were ready to call it quits, somehow mustered the energy to keep the party going. M. Shadows presence has a sense of power and honor. Just to see him stand on stage gave people the boost they needed to rush the stage. Synyster Gates, A7X lead guitarist laid down his heavy riffs for fans making the show a truly bone chillingly fun experience. Their entire set was a master piece of new and old work.
Three days of music madness are always going to be an amazing time but Carolina Rebellion makes it special. The festival has become one of the best in the World’s Loudest Month line up. We can all hope that every year they bring us something bigger and better.



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