You Me At Six @ The Roxy 5/16/17

You Me at Six at The Roxy were nothing short of fantastic on Tuesday night. I haven't seen them in a few years, and if I recall correctly I saw them with Pierce the Veil at the Hollywood Palladium. That was a great show too, I remember me being the only one in the photo pit singing along while shooting their set and then Josh and I had a moment of singing to each other. I've been a fan of them since they played Warped Tour back in 2013, and they keep getting better and better.  
The guys came on stage playing "Night People" which is off their latest record actually called Night People. The one thing I wish I did way before the show was listen to their last two albums more, the last record I jammed to the max was Sinners Never Sleep, which is my favorite record by them actually. YMA6 definitely changed their sound a lot, they're a lot less emo and more alternative and just overall more mature sounding. Definitely not complaining about that though, the last two albums are actually great and I can't wait to start listening to them more!  

The most hyped I got at the show was whenever they played their older music, that stuff goes so hard. I think the craziest the crowd got that night was when YMA6 played "Bite My Tongue", which has Oliver Sykes from Bring Me the Horizon featuring in it. When it came to the screaming parts Josh actually sang/screamed them perfectly, which I didn't expect to hear. Everyone just went wild for that and screamed their hearts out, me included. The best part of this tour was how they play half older stuff and half new stuff, they didn't forget their OG fans and their roots. I'm so glad I got to see them again, I'm not really sure how often they tour the states since they're from the UK.  

  1. Night People 
  1. Underdog 
  1. Loverboy 
  1. Stay With Me 
  1. Spell It Out 
  1. Bite My Tongue 
  1. Swear 
  1. Fresh Start Fever 
  1. Heavy Soul 
  1. Reckless 
  1. No One Does It Better 
  1. Cold Night 
  1. Brand New 
  1. Take on the World 
  1. Lived A Lie 
  1. Give 
  1. Room to Breathe 


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