Attila has been bringing the party from Atlanta to every city and country they can for over a decade. There was nothing short of fun chaos on their US tour “Let’s Get Abducted”. That should make perfect sense seeing how their newest album which was released in late fall of 2016 is titled ”Chaos”. They brought along an amazing line up of bands to get the crowd going including, Bad Omens, and Cane Hill. California based band New Year’s Day was booked for the tour but was unable to make the entire run due to lead singer Ash Costello’s injury she incurred to her foot right before leaving.
On Saturday March 12, the gaggle of party animals made their presence known at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. With a packed venue, the security had their hands full but everyone for the most part was there to have a good time and to start no trouble. Cane Hill thrilled the audience with single from their album “Smile” and had folks singing the words to almost every song. Bad Omens tore the stage up with their energy and charisma. They have a great sound; the band is very well put together with an awesome stage presence.
Attila hit the stage full force. The crowd went insane as soon as they heard the first notes of “Let’s Get Abducted”. It seemed as though the energy between the band and their fans was endless. As a fan of the band myself, their performance was electrifying. While they were doing a fantastic job, few knew that their current drummer, had himself a little accident and was not playing that evening. It was fill in drummer Zach Philips on the stage playing the tunes we all know and love. I had the chance to catch up with Mr. Philips to get all the juicy details of what ensued and how he was able to fill in that evening.

  How did you get the opportunity to fill in on drums for National touring band Attila?
“I moved to Lancaster, PA about two months to join the National touring band, From Under The Willow. We just got back from a short run two or three weeks prior to the show. Wes Good (vocalist of FUTW) mentioned to me that he was going to see his homie, who's Attila's tour manager, at the show and I asked if I could come along. I couldn't pass up an opportunity to see one of my favorite band's at The Chameleon Club. After grabbing some excellent burritos it was almost time for the doors to open, so Wes and I walked across the street to CI Records (FUTW's record label) and into the famous "Cig Hallway". This hallway is located between The Chameleon Club and CI Records. As we waited for Jimmy (Attila's tour manager and Wes' friend), Wes received a text that he had to run one of the Attila guys to the hospital. Then Jimmy arrived and was franticly scrolling through his phone trying to find someone to fill in. "He (Attila's drummer) can't play tonight. I don't know what we're going to do", Jimmy said. So I spoke up and asked what songs were on the set list. I knew all but four of the songs and told Jimmy if he couldn't find anyone I would fill in. We parted ways and met up with some homies inside the venue. Then I got a text and told Wes, "I gotta go". We met back up with Jimmy in the "Cig Hallway" and from then on it was all business. We walked down the street and got in Attila's tour bus where I met all the other guys in Attila. Kalan and Chris gave me the set list, a quick run down on how the click tracks start for each song, and I began listening to the songs. Time seemed to be flying by. I only had an hour to warm up after finding out I'd be filling in for Attila. Finally, it was show time. I went out on stage and looked up to see over 1,000 people going crazy. It was definitely the best night of my life. Surprisingly, I wasn't nervous at all on stage. All the guys in Attila were awesome to me throughout the whole night. They made me feel like I was apart of the band for the night.”

   Do you hope to get another call from Attila one day?
“Yes, I hope to get another call from Attila! I'd love to play for them again.”
Do you have any projects you are currently working on?

“Right now, From Under The Willow is preparing for April 15th at Launch Music Conference, a tour in the fall, and currently working on the new FUTW record.”

Cane Hill interview, and gallery can be seen here:




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