Architects @ The Glass House by Talia Farber

Architects at the Glass House in Pomona were nothing short of magical. I've been waiting for a couple years to see them and they don't tour the US often since they're from the U.K. They had planned to be out here around the same time last year, but due to an unforeseen and unfortunate event of losing their brother/band mate Tom Searle they had to cancel. Tom was their guitarist and writer, he had lost a battle with cancer and when news broke out everyone was heartbroken, but nonetheless supportive of the band in their fragile state. At one point in their set, vocalist Sam Carter dedicated their whole success to Tom and their future as well. He had said, "everything from here on out is because of Tom, he made the band to what we are today and we are forever grateful." 

The show was super sold out, hitting max capacity, maybe even over that. It brought tears to Sam's eyes when he said he never thought he'd be performing in front of this many people, especially in America. Everything about the set that night was just so amazing. Every song they played everyone sang along to, including myself. I've found myself getting a little worn out from the metal scene lately, just every band sounding so recycled lately. That's not the case with Architects though, "All Our God's Have Abandoned Us" was just an immaculate album. I'm not sure what it is they're doing to set themselves apart from any other metal band, but they're doing it right. At the Glass House there was literally no highlight of their set because the whole time everyone was just going nuts. I have never seen a metal show like this, just so much love and appreciation for every song played. When it's rare for a band to be in America that's how you know it'll be a crazy show. Just the whole band sounded so in tune and so tight. Their lighting production was perfectly matched with every riff and every breakdown. They played 15 songs that night, which wasn't enough. I left there wishing they could have played so much more. They started the show with "Nihilist", a fast paced banger to get everyone off their feet. The show was ended on a more mellow note, everyone screaming, "disintegrate, annihilate me", ending with "Gone With the Wind". 

1. Nihilist
2. Deathwish
3. These Colours Don't Run
4.Dead Man Talking
5. C.A.N.C.E.R
6. Phantom Fear
7. The Devil Is Near
8. Broken Cross
9. Downfall
10. Gravedigger
11. Colony Collapse
12. Gravity
13. Naysayer
14. A Match Made in Heaven
15. Gone With the Wind


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