We here at BAH Magazine we asked to get the word out about one of our favorite bands Alter Bridge and the single "My Champion", we were ready and willing to help! Our review of the album can been seen here: but I wanted the fans to let the world know what the song and Alter Bridge means to them and they have shared some amazing stories in tribute to "My Champion" please enjoy!

James Schmid from Waterloo, Ontorio.
Alter Bridge provides everything you'd expect from a rock radio hit, while also giving die hard AB fans everything they expect from their beloved band with My Champion. The song opens with a guitar riff reminiscent of Def Leppards "Photograph" before hitting you square in the face with a "heavy for radio" sound that remains catchy without disappointing their "we like it fast and hard" fans. Their fan base, and music ranges in such a wide spectrum, it's difficult to imagine how they manage to keep everyone happy. That is until you're introduced to all 4 incredibly talented band members. The song remains very musically sound throughout with highlights coming from catchy drum beats, to killer guitar solos and of course the always amazing vocal stylings of Myles Kennedy. The key factor to this song that makes it standout above other rock radio hits is its inspirational lyrics. Far too often these days we're hit with the same old "poor me" or "life sucks" lyrics. It's a fact, sometimes life is hard, it is for everyone. And My Champion doesn't steer away from that fact, yet it sings of conquering the chaos and prevailing through all of life's hardships. The chorus reads "Sometimes you fall before you rise Sometimes you lose it all to find You've gotta keep fighting And get back up again My champion Oh, my champion" My first listening of this song was an emotional one (and I'm not a very emotional guy). Alter Bridge released the single back in the summer of 2016 while my wife was having complications during her pregnancy. Suffering 3 miscarriages and losing hope of having a successful pregnancy, complications arose during attempt number 4. Without getting to detailed it looked like we may lose another, only for our little angle to stay strong and pull through. Today she is 3 months old and my inspiration everyday. My wife and daughter our My Champions and the timing of this songs release was absolutely perfect during our struggle. In conclusion, this song has everything it takes to bring hard rock back to the mainstream! And AB already has the cult following to help push it there.

Christy Parsons, Iowa.
I am a suicide survivor. I had some pretty serious health issues for awhile AND had my heart severely broken. Alter Bridge's My Champion could not have come at a better time for me. Myles sings, "May this be your victory song..." and "You've gotta keep fighting and get back up again." None of my friends and loved ones knew what to say or do during my struggle, but Myles did. I am learning new coping strategies, but I can say My Champion was more like liquid gold in the cracks of my heart and soul than any other therapy. I have never seen Alter Bridge live, but just purchased a ticket to the St. Louis show with Korn and Breaking Benjamin. It's really the first thing I have looked forward to in a long time. You see, suicide is similar to alcoholism. You can heal, but it will always be with you.

Zack Pilcher from Lamar, Missouri.
My review of My Champion by Alter Bridge I feel the song has a big point to make "life if hard but as long as you keep your chin up and keep moving you can do anything yeah you might slip up and fail and you feel like everything is against you but you can keep moving and you should be an influence to others to do the same even when your not there to help them" makes me feel like my darkest days are just a bump in the road and that even when I fall and I don't think anyone is there for me when I'm at my lowest my friends will come out of the woodwork to help me to be My Champion.

Brian Campbell from Edmonton, Alberta.
My Champion means positiveness and happiness!! Happiness because AB are my favorite band and all the friend's who I call my AB family!! Positiveness because not only this song but many by AB are positive with their lyrics!! Been an avid AB fan since 2004 Their beginning My Champion is one of my favorites!! Always makes me smile as I sing along out loud!!! I've listened to it back to back to back many times My Champion!!

Jodi Marino Parts Unknown.
This song to me is one of the most uplifting and inspiring tracks ever. It makes me feel I can conquer anything and gives me the inner strength to face every challenge head on. I have a very demanding and challenging role at work, so on my morning commute I play this track super loud and I sing it from the top of my lungs. It is almost like a therapy/pep talk before I start my day, and sets me in the right frame of mind. Ready to take on the world. Cheers, Jodi Lifelong AB fan.

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