Curtis thank you for taking time out for your fans and my readers!
My pleasure.

Q: Please give us an idea who Curtis McKinney is?
Ha! I am not sure I even know anymore. I have been in the music industry my whole life starting as a drummer in a rock band. I moved into radio and then concert promotion and then venue management. We are now affiliated with venues in New Mexico, Las Vegas, Cancun Mexico, Belize and Asheville, North Carolina. We also recently launched a new radio promotion company, BroadcastProfessionals.pro to help bands with airplay. I’ll tell you, it’s easy to lose your true self when you are buried in the business all the time, but I wouldn’t trade any of it.

Q: Tell us about you radio show and where people can wrap their ears around it?
Ahh, Cranked Up Live is so much fun. We geared the show to be something different than the typical rock show. Brad Hennington is a phenomenal co-host and has such a different kind of mind. Brilliant. We wanted the show to focus on great new music, up and comers and of course the big guys mixed with us chatting about current happenings that need to be made fun of and comedy. We have interviews with all the major players and bands on CUL as well. It’s not for everybody, but it works for us. I mean where other shows give you a bands concert schedule, we talk about the idiot that lit himself on fire while in a hotel room with 3 hookers. It works for us. I am very proud to say that the show plays on about 70 affiliate stations and airs about 360ish hours every week somewhere. You can check out a list of affiliates at www.crankeduplive.com

Q: If you could set up the ultimate music festival with past or present bands which bands would you have and where would the venue be?
We are doing it now with Rock in to Spring in Las Vegas. I am so excited and proud of this show.  www.rockintospring.com

Q: As a host of Rock Into Spring what are your duties at the show?
I was in charge of booking the show, running the production and of course handling radio stuff. Chris (CEO of Gangster 
www.gangsterproducts.com) has taken the rest of the duties by the horns and has done a fantastic job. His team at Gangster are just unbelievable. Add the Cranked Up Live team to that and we are going to put on an amazing show. One like the rock world has never seen. We have also brought on some other great people from some major organizations that have done incredible things for us. It’s a great team. The M Resort Spa Casino is a beautiful place and we will have some serious fun.

Q: In a pinch lets say a band can't perform 5 mins before they need to be on stage and you get shoved on stage what would be your go to song to sing to fill time?
Wow… This probably wouldn’t be what anyone would expect but it is how I feel most of the time. People see you making your way and try to bring you down, hurt you, screw with you and you have to just ignore it and move on and continue being you. My song would be Under and Over It by Five Finger Death Punch. 

Q: Whiskey or Jagermeister?

I was on that Jager train for a while and from what I can remember of it, it was…well let’s just say an experience. Boy those stories are legendary. I am a whiskey guy now, definitely.

Q: What are some of the biggest challenges facing music today in your mind?
Man, all you guys always want to get me in trouble with this question. It’s like you know I can’t STFU about this topic. The biggest problem in my opinion is the sharks that take advantage of the bands. I am not talking about the major bands so much, but the great up and comers or mid level bands. These sharks milk them for every penny they can, then just throw them to the side when the money runs out. It isn’t right. How many bands have you seen chart and you ask yourself, how the hell did that happen? Money, that’s how. Hell a few weeks ago Brad pointed out a band was charting and the single hadn’t even gone out to radio yet! What the hell is that? Money. Without it, your band is at a tremendous disadvantage.

Then you have this…When a good band travels half way across the damn country to play a gig for $250.00, something is fucking wrong, excuse my language. When a band has to pay 5 to 10k to some company to promote a good single to radio, something is fucking wrong. When money determines who is on the rock charts because some radio dude was greased? That is fucking wrong. Be honest guys. We play a ton of new bands on our radio show and have NEVER taken a penny from a band.

I despise watching these bands work their asses off and just get by, barely. I don’t think that people on the outside really get what’s happening. You have clowns getting rich off the backs of these guys and the bands allow it to happen because they have no choice. That is on reason Broadcast Professionals started. It is the reason why I do concerts. I had agents telling me their band would pay to be on the Rock in to Spring show. That stuff may fly with other promoters, but Cranked Up Live and Gangster Events don’t play that game. If you come to play for us, you’re getting paid, period.

I just wish things were more transparent and the right people would do the right things for the industry instead of just looking out for themselves. Everyone needs to remember, we all started at the bottom and without a helping hand, a lot of us would be nowhere. I would like to see those principles come back.  Now I should be adequately blackballed after that spill. Lol. It’s all true though.

Q: What are some the of the new and upcoming bands that get you excited?
Oh there are some great ones. Hard workers dedicated. Bands like Silent Thoery, Behind the Fallen, American Grim.. The new Eve to Adam album is unbelievable, I know Eve to Adam is not an up and comers, but I had to say the album is fantastic and deserves a listen. There is a band Blacktop Mojo that did a cover of Dream On that is outrageous, solid band. Man the list goes on and on.

Q: We here at BAH Magazine love local music, what are some of your favorites that you want others to find out about?

We play new artists all the time on Cranked Up Live. I encourage everyone that loves great music to listen to the show on one of our great affiliate stations and you will hear our favorites. We will let the show do the talking for us.

Thank you for your time Curtis and keep rocking!
You guys do an awesome job and I really appreciate you having me here. I admire what you do for the bands and the industry. You keep up the good work!

My last shameless plug… go to 
www.rockintospring.com and come hang out with me in Vegas at the coolest show of the summer. Peace guys!


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