Knotfest 2016 was a dusty, windy, hot, but fantastic day and night. I started off with getting dirt and sunscreen in my eyes that I had to go to the medic before even seeing any bands to get my eyes rinsed, so that was metal as fu*k? The weather was absolutely horrible, being it was late September it was just too hot still. Last year Knotfest was held in mid October, the weather being so much cooler around that time. Whatever weather happened that day no one would want to miss out on this festival and have a once in a lifetime chance to see Slipknot perform Iowa in entirety.  

Motionless in White were the first to open the main stage and the first band I saw that day. Here began the lag. I'm not too sure what happened, but MIW went on stage an hour later than they should have. I saw Slayer's amps and drums still on the stage when it should have been MIW's. I think there were technical difficulties or backlining problems. Anyways, Motionless in White were definitely the odd band on the bill. Chris Motionless even said himself that they're the band everyone loves to hate. All the old school metal heads kept yelling Slayer during their set, which sucked. But, they also had their fans to keep their head up high and deliver an excellent performance. Motionless in White is now label mates with Slipknot, and they first toured together on the Summer's Last Stand tour in the Summer of 2015. They delivered the hype when they played "Break the Cycle" one of their heavier songs that’s fun to jump along to. 
  1. Death March 
  1. Devil's  Night 
  1. Abigail 
  1. 570 
  1. Break the Cycle  
  1. Reincarnate 

Trivium was up next after Motionless in White, they came out on stage playing "Strife" and that definitely had me singing along in the photo pit. Matt Heafy told the audience that he's been listening to Slipknot since he was just a kid, around age 12 or something. He said that at his first show ever with his first band that he covered (if I remember correctly) "Spit it Out" by Slipknot and now today he's playing with them. He never imagined to get this far, and it was really heartwarming to see how successful this band has become. They played seven songs, but were supposed to play 8, but since the whole delay they had to cut out a song and the crowd got to choose if they wanted to hear "Pull Harder", or "Rain"and they chose "Pull Harder". I loved how the band let the crowd decide what they wanted to hear. They played a good array of songs of different albums, which was great for the audience cause some were old school fans and some were newer fans. They ended their set playing "In Waves", making the crowd ROAR! This song is definitely a fun one to sing along to, and definitely a jumpy one. The mosh pits and circle pits during their set were unreal. I haven't had the chance to see them since they went on tour with DevilDriver in 2013, so it was definitely a treat to see them again. They always have such great stage presence. Trivium also shares a label with Slipknot and Motionless in White. 
  1. Strife 
  1. A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation 
  1. Forsake Not the Dream 
  1. Until the World Goes Cold 
  1. Throes of Perdition 
  1. Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr 
(Played off the backtracks) Capsizing the Sea 
  1. In Waves 

Anthrax was third on the main stage, and their set got cut pretty short. There was a delay and the crowd started chanting, "This is bullsh*t" over and over. I think everyone was pissed about the setbacks. Anthrax played five songs due to the time restraints and technical difficulties before. The festival was trying to get back onto schedule, but that didn't work too well. They came out on stage with "Caught in a Mosh" which brought the circle pits in the crowd. They only played three original songs and played two covers. The highlight of their set was Randy Blythe from Lamb of God taking photos on the side of the stage. Joey Belladonna, the singer of Anthrax was posing for the camera and was having fun with it. Then he quickly faced the crowd again. Their stage presence was awesome. 
Impaled (Played off the backtracks) 
1. Caught in a Mosh 
2. Got the Time (Joe Jackson cover) 
3. Fight 'Em 'Til You Can't 
4. Antisocial (Trust cover) 
5. Indians 

It was that time of the night everyone was waiting for, Slipknot time! They dedicated this festival to playing Iowa in full and celebrating it's fifteen years of being released. The guys definitely went all out and wowed the fans with this celebration, they wore the orange jumpsuits and all. They came out playing "People = Shit", which is the first track on the album, but also a great track to play  to hype up the crowd. There was a huge roar from the whole venue, and even I was singing along. I remember jamming this album when I was in middle school. I got into Slipknot kind of late, I was never a metalhead until middle school/high school. I wouldn't go as far as saying that this is my favorite album of theirs, but I certainly love it. I remember being this angsty weird girl everyone would bully and my anthem was always "People = Shit". I have always loved how Corey Taylor hates people, it burns the passion out of him. I wouldn't say I absolutely hate people, but I don't like most people, so this song is relatable. Slipknot are a band that hates religion, people, politics, just about anything a person can hate. They're a classic metal band, even being part of the newer age of metal they are a hit. Slipknot is the root of metal for most people I know, like they started out listening to Slipknot and they paved the way to listening to other metal artists. As they play through the album, the next hyped up song was "The Heretic Anthem". Everyone knows "If you're 555 then I'm 666, what's it like to be a heretic?" Literally everyone knew the words to that part of the song. The whole problem with the set was how late they went on. Again, everyone's set was cut and backed up due to technical difficulties. I wish they had more time to play and I could've heard some popular hits like the classic, "Before I Forget". That was the song that introduced me to Slipknot, thanks to Guitar Hero 3. The coolest part of their set was their live debut of "The Shape". Never again will anyone get to experience this album being played in full. Slipknot are one of my favorite bands to see live, I've seen them three times and each time I'm even more amazed. They closed out the night with "'Iowa", which is just some cool riffs and music and Corey Taylor just rambling on the track. I wish they had done something else with their encore, something more energizing. A real show ender was what I wished to see. Overall, Slipknot are always great to see and there's never a dull moment in their set. These guys are some of the fathers of metal, in my opinion.  
(515) Played off the backtracks 
  1. People = Shit 
  1. Disasterpiece 
  1. My Plague 
  1. Everything Ends 
  1. The Heretic Anthem 
  1. Gently 
  1. Left Behind 
  1. The Shape (Live Debut) 
  1. I Am Hated 
  1. Skin Ticket  
  1. New Abortion 
  1. Metabolic 
  1. Iowa 
'Til We Die (played off the backtracks) 


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