Good Charlotte at the Novo (formerly known as Club Nokia) on October 27th  were nothing short of amazing and nostalgic. I can’t think of a better venue in LA for them to have made a comeback with. I’ve been listening to GC since elementary school years, and I can thank my sister for that. My sister was in high school at the time and she showed me all the emo/punk/alternative bands that paved the way for my music taste. She would pick me up from school and always be playing a mix CD of different bands that I grew to love, including Good Charlotte. The first she showed me from them was “Girls & Boys”, I remember watching the music video on AOL back in the day. I then discovered the whole The Young and The Hopeless album and had my mom buy me the CD. Man, the early 2000’s had some of the best music. Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, The Used, etc. These whole emo revival tours really fill my heart with joy. I’ve been listening to Good Charlotte for 14 years and never got to see them before they broke up, so I’m really happy they made a comeback. They recently made a new record, hence the reason they’re touring, called “Youth Authority”. The band got so busy with life, they all grew up, got married and had kids, but they said they would never stop and they pulled through.

They came on stage with “The Anthem”, definitely a crowd pleaser and getting everyone started for the night. This tour has the best set list they could ever put together, it’s definitely one you would regret missing. It’s crazy to see these guys now, all grown up along with myself. I kind of grew up alongside them, even though I’m only 21 and they’re around 37. It makes me feel old, even though I’m still a kid. Joel told us a short story about him and Benji leaving their home when they were 17 because they were getting evicted for the last time, they told their mom they were going to LA and that they were going to make big things happen. Just a couple years later they came out with their self titled record and blew up. A lot of the music has to do with being bullied throughout high school and people saying they would never make it and all that talk. Before my sister ever showed me this song, I saw this movie called, “Dude Where’s My Car?” and one song stuck out to me that I really liked called “Little Things”, this was the band’s first big thing. It really took them no time to blow up, they were always super talented and marketable to the teenage ears. From then to now these guys are all grown up, married to some celebrities. Joel mentioned that his wife was there (Cameron Diaz) and dedicated a song to her. He later mentioned some big bands like Simple Plan, and All Time Low were there watching. All I could say in my head was of course they’re watching you guys, who wouldn’t?! Good Charlotte paved the way for soooo many of those bands, they were one of the first emo/punky bands. Green Day was probably the first band, and you can definitely hear the influence of GD in GC. The guys asked the crowd who was born in the 70’s and got a normal woo, they then asked about the 80’s and the crowd just roared, then asked for 90’s babies and got a slight roar. It was so crazy to see all these different age groups come together. I even saw kids younger than me that are fans of Good Charlotte, I had no clue teenagers knew about this band.

They played 3 songs off the new record, and played a lot off “The Young and the Hopeless” and “Good Morning Revival”. Although every damn second of that show was memorable a couple things stood out to me. When they played “The River” they dedicated the song to the guys in Avenged Sevenfold, it would have been awesome if M. Shadows had appeared, but that same night they dropped their new album with a performance to include, so they were busy themselves. Anyways, Joel starts singing in a funny way, he was trying to sound a little more hardcore which made me laugh,but I loved it either way. Another thing I noticed and never knew was how Benji and Joel sound exactly the same, since I never saw them live and only heard them on recordings. The guys definitely saved the best songs for last, when they played their last three songs I became a little overwhelmed with nostalgia and started to tear up because of all the memories. I love Good Charlotte and have for so many years, so it made me a little emotional to finally hear all these songs I grew up with live. I definitely cried a bit during their breakup song, “I Don’t Wanna Be In Love”, that song has been by my side with every break up I’ve been through. The song after that Benji and Joel started to say we wouldn’t remember it since it’s so old, and all I thought was that’s a bit impossible and then started to play “I Just Wanna Live”. The best moment of the whole show was the way they ended it during “Lifestyles”. When Joel said jump in the middle of the song the floor legitimately started to shake. Never in any of the shows I’ve been to (and I’ve been to hundreds) has that ever happened. That’s how you f*cking do it! That was hands down one of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen, and I will always cherish that night. Good Charlotte know how to put on one hell of a show, needless to say they didn’t fail to impress. Seriously, if you miss or missed this tour I feel sorry for you. 


The Anthem
Story of My Old Man
Bloody Valentine
Girls & Boys
Riot Girl
Life Changes
Motivation Proclamation 
Hold On
Makeshift Love
Little Things
The Outfield
Young and the Hopeless
The River
I Don’t Wanna Be In Love
I Just Wanna Live


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