TOUR BLOG: Jillian Speece of The Bergamot from the road!

Could you live out on the road day to day with only a backpack and a guitar?
My husband Nathaniel and I (aka The Bergamot) are doing just that. This year we set out to perform over 100 dates in all 50 states as apart of The Unity Collective USA tour.
We have spent the past twenty weeks touring/living out of our car, which has now been coined “The Unity Car.”
Between 28 square feet, Nathaniel and I have been putting thousands of miles on our trusty 2002 Volvo with the mission of spreading Unity by showing the world we are more united then we are divided.
On this tour we are going state to state performing and inviting our fans to sign The Unity Car with their message of unity and peace. At the end of this eight-month tour we will auction The Unity Car off and donate the proceeds to help build Memorial Children’s Hospital in our hometown of South Bend, Indiana. Our dream is to raise enough money from the auction of The Unity Car to support a full time music therapist for the kids at Memorial Children’s Hospital.   
A long time ago we decided we wanted to live an alternative life filled with music, adventure, and experiences. We have made it a point to trade in our “things” for experiences. When I look back on my life, I never wanted to be one of those people who say, “I wonder what would have happened if I had pursued my dreams”.
Sure, stepping out of the conventional box has been liberating, but don’t be fooled by the glitzy photos. Just like anyone else, we have faced and continue to face our fair share of challenges.
For instance just on this tour alone, our car has been broken into and we had over $2,500 worth of our musical gear stolen.  We have faced the loss of a loved one, and in general find it hard to do simple tasks like find a place to do laundry. However, one of our greatest recurring hurdles has simply been finding a place to sleep every night.
Recently, we have crashed in a punk-squat house, a tiny house (100sq-ft) on yoga mat’s, in a luxury high-rise hotel, and even spent a night sleeping in The Unity Car. Day to day, we work hard, drive a lot, sleep a little, and perform all over America.
Together we are out here on the front lines performing every night, fearlessly leveraging everything we have in pursuit of our dreams.
We have met the most incredible people across the 50 states and are more in love with each other and this great land than ever before.
So many good vibes have been spread from Brooklyn to the Oregon coast to Fargo, North Dakota. The truth is, life is a beautiful adventure if you want it to be. You’re the captain of your ship - live in the now, and do yourself a favor: be good to yourself for unity starts with being kind to yourself. If you’re good to yourself, you will be good to others.
You know, during the past twenty weeks I have realized life is actually pretty simple. All you need is good nourishment, a backpack, guitar, and love.

Together anything is possible. Nathaniel and I are in this for the long haul through thick and thin, and we wouldn’t trade these experiences for the world. I must get going now. I am off to band rehearsals as we gear up to showcase with our five-piece at Summer Camp Music Festival this Saturday.
Shine ON + Spread Joy


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