Tony, first off congrats on the recent releases. The new video for “Evil Eye” is pushing 5 thousand views in just a month, and Back to Momo is receiving great reviews since its release last summer. So great work!

BAH: So I’ve read that you enlisted the chops of guitar veteran Todd Youth as co-writer on Back To Momo. Given the acts he’s worked with, I imagine he’s got this down pretty solid by now. How was the writing process different on this album with the help of Todd vs your other releases? 

TONY: The other Blacklist Union releases were very dark and they lacked one thing .BLUES ... I've always been a Blues Hard Rock / Punk Rock guy. Todd brought that to the mix, Todd and I have an exceptional writing ability together. It's effortless for us and we've been around long enough to deliver the goods. We also come from the same school of music. I grew up seeing a lot of his bands and New York City.

BAH: Is Todd going to be considered as a permanent member of the band or was his help strictly with the writing process?

TONY: Todd is considered a permanent member of the band now. He does get busy with other things and there is plenty of room for him to do that. We will always be writing partners in some sense, that is for sure. 

BAH: Fans always love to hear a band’s sound change and evolve. What did he add to this album that made it different? Will you guys be doing more work together in the future?

TONY: Again Todd brought that Blues to the mix and that Punk Rock vibe that adds to our Street Rock sound, and yes we will be working together again.  In fact he's in the band now, and we are starting the writing process for a 7 inch release for England. We're also going to start demoing for the next record as well really soon.

BAH: Besides the singles, what are your favorite songs off of the new album to perform live?

TONY: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Shake It Off, & Superjaded. Also Read Between the Lines is a great one and fun to sing.

BAH: What’s your go-to karaoke track?

TONY: I don't do karaoke, but if I did, it would be Bee Gees.

BAH: Besides the obvious hometown show, every musician has a favorite venue/city/state/country to perform in. What’s yours and what makes it special to you?

TONY: I love playing in Detroit, Seattle, New Orleans, Dallas, Chicago, Madison, Memphis, New York City.....the list goes on.

BAH: We live in the age of YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook instead of MTV these days. It pays to have a massive online presence. Do you guys have any plans for pushing your social media presence to a new level? More music videos, live footage, more personal band footage, etc?

TONY: As a matter fact yes. we just hired a social media guy because I'm not good at it and Todd isn't either. We just want to make music and tour.  There will be more singles and more videos to come.

BAH: Any big plans or news for 2016 that you can share with us?

Thanks a bunch for your time and good luck with conquering the world.

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