:DRYVRS Ep. 2 "Bob's Direction Home" starring Rosanna Arquette, Tom Petty & Jack Dishel

Musician, comedian and producer Jack Dishel has released the second episode of his digital series :DRYVRSguest starring actress Rosanna Arquette and music legend Tom Petty, with a special appearance from Dhani Harrison. The episode, titled, DRYVRS Ep. 2 "Bob's Direction Home," debuted yesterday at the Tribeca Film Festival's N.O.W. (New Online Work) program, and was co-directed by Jack Dishel and Kerry Harris and produced by Dishel, Harris and David Zonshine. In each episode of the :DRYVRS seriesDishel stars as a car service passenger accompanied by special guest drivers, with upcoming appearances by Jeff GarlinDarren CrissSteven WeberKevin Pollak and recurring appearances by Macaulay Culkin.

"As I was making the new Only Son album, I took Uber and Lyft to the studio every day," said Dishel. "I kept having these strange conversations with the drivers and would tell everyone at the studio when I got there. We'd all laugh about it and I thought it would be fun to make a series based on those experiences with some of my actor friends. Anytime I tell anyone about the show they say, "Oh, I have the craziest story!"
The episode follows Dishel's character and his eccentric, acid-dropping driver, played by Rosanna Arquette. As the ride commences, Arquette's character begins to hallucinate, believing her passenger to be a young Bob Dylan, and taking him-and the viewer-on a wild, psychedelic ride across Los Angeles. As Dishel's character guides his tripped-out driver to their destination, she drifts into a dreamlike state, imagining an intimate serenade from Dishel's Bob Dylan persona with a special guest appearance from fellow rock legend Tom Petty, as himself. The episode also features a cameo appearance from Dhani Harrison.
Jack Dishel is an NYC-based musician, actor, writer, comic, and producer. He is the singer/songwriter behind Only Son and was the lead guitarist for Moldy Peaches. In recent years he has toured the world opening for his wife, musician Regina Spektor. In addition to making his own records, being a prolific music video artist and touring, he has done one man comedy shows, written and acted in films, and produced records for other artists. He is currently finishing up Only Son's third full length LP, "New Friends."
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"Bob's Direction Home" Credits:
Created and written by:
Jack Dishel
Directed by:
Jack Dishel
Kerry Harris
Produced by:
Jack Dishel
Kerry Harris
David Zonshine
Rosanna Arquette
Jack Dishel
Tom Petty
Dhani Harrison


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