I got the chance to see The Word Alive perform at the Santa Ana Observatory on February 20th as a part of the Dark Matter Tour. The Word Alive are personally one of my top favorite bands, and no matter what they always put on a fantastic set. This tour, however was a little different. The band’s new album, Dark Matter doesn’t come out until March 18th, and with that being said the band is playing 7 new songs, 5 of which haven’t been released yet. Now this can be a risky thing for any band to do because when fans don’t know the songs and can’t sing along they may get upset about that, or maybe even bored. But, the guys in TWA have so much confidence in the new album, and the new songs do not disappoint from what I heard in Santa Ana… Even though the sound was kind of covered up and not loud enough. If I’m not wearing earplugs and I’m not leaving the show with my ears ringing, then it’s not loud enough! The crowd was pumped, and that’s all that matters.

Most people have heard two of the new songs on Dark Matter, “Trapped” and “Sellout”. Both of which are very different sounding songs, but sound absolutely incredible. This is a new chapter for The Word Alive, and so far it reminds me a bit of Underoath and some other bands. Dark Matter will definitely be different from Real. “Trapped”, has a very dark vibe to it, at first it’s slow and eerie sounding, then it picks up to this massive sound and just blows minds. “Sellout”, is a fast paced, hardcore sounding song, truly a good head banger. This album will have different sounds, similar to the diverse sound of Real.

The guys came out on stage playing a brand new song called “Dreamer”, definitely a jumper and banger. Then they played their newest single “Sellout”, and got a massive reaction. The crowd was singing along a bit, since it was still super new and just getting totally hyped. They definitely changed up their setlist for their tour, and instead of hyping the crowd by coming on stage with “Entirety”, “2012”, or “Dragon Spell”, they took a whole new turn. They also ended the night with “Life Cycles”, their famous anthem. Fans were going crazy and screaming, “I’d rather die for what I believe, than live a life without meaning.” Definitely a positive way to end the night, all the fans walked out happy. At a show like that it’s about having fun, releasing all this energy and anxiety, and connecting with friends and the music.

I find it super cool that they’re playing new songs this early on before the release, it’s kind of just getting a taste for what’s to come and it’s pretty exciting. In this album, and just like their last, Telle’s lyrics are not angry, but more so healing and kind of going over things in life, but in a positive outcome. I feel like this album is going to be more personal and more connecting in different ways, Telle gave a hint that one of their new songs that’s being debuted on this tour, “Face to Face is about a subject I swore I’d never sing about…” He is digging real deep in this album and it’s great to see him open up. As I said before, the guys are playing 7 new songs off the new record to be released soon, and playing only two songs off of Life Cycles, Deceiver, and Real. It’s crazy to see a band debuting most of their album live, and I’ve never seen that before.

Out of all times I’ve seen this band live (I think maybe 15 now) they never fail to impress. I’d personally like to thank Fearless Records and The Word Alive for always letting me come out take photos and write a review. This band is only going up from here, and I have a feeling that Dark Matter will be not only an iTunes chart topper, but a Billboard one as well. Make sure to pre order the record, I did it the day it was announced. I’m stoked to hear the new album, and hearing it live I know it won’t disappoint.

1.       Dreamer (Live debut)
2.       Sellout (Live debut)
3.       The Hounds of Anubis
4.       Face to Face (Live debut)
5.       Grunge (Live debut)
6.       2012
7.       Lighthouse
8.       Made This Way (Live debut)
9.       Dark Matter (Live debut)
10.   Entirety
11.   Play the Victim
12.   Trapped (Live debut)



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