Talia Faber interview with A New Way to Live Forever at NAMM

Talia: Introduce yourselves and what you do in the band
Daniel: I’m Daniel and I play guitar, some keyboard, and sing backup vocals.
Russ: I’m Russ and I sing main vocals and play guitar.

Talia: How did you enjoy NAMM?
Daniel: NAMM was good; it was a little overwhelming when we first got here, but we got into our groove and checked out some new equipment. This is our second year here.

Talia: Who are you sponsored and/or endorsed with?
Daniel: We’re actually in the process of talking to a few different people we are guests of Shure Microphones and we were looking at some of their products.
Russ: We’re interested in Schecter guitars.
Daniel: Universal Audio we may work with soon.

Talia: What are the bands biggest influences?
Russ: I write most of the material so my personal influences start with Prince and end with Slayer.

Talia: What’s your dream set up?
Daniel: I was looking at some of the Schecter customs and artist series guitars, BlackStar Amplifiers, and Shure wireless devices.

Talia: Solid state of tube amps?
Daniel & Russ: Tube
Daniel: We both play BlackStar amps.

Talia: What’s the first guitar you started out with?
Russ: I started on bass at 12 years old, it was a Kramer Striker and it was ruby red. I traded it for a guitar.
Daniel: My first guitar was an acoustic guitar my parents gave me when I was 7. I didn’t really want anything to do with it, so I just put toys inside of it. When I was 14 is when I really go into guitar, and my uncle gave me a ’62 Fender Music Master which I still have.

Talia: Do you regret ever selling any equipment?
Russ: Anything I’ve ever let go for any reason later on I’ll get some regret. There’s always a place for everything.

Talia: What’s your current favorite piece of equipment?
Daniel: I would say I’ve been getting more and more into the sound that my amp provides, it’s a BlackStar Series One Combo.
Russ: My guitar, it’s a Fender body and a Kubicki neck, it just fits me and it sounds awesome. Also, I love my strap, which I’ve had for like 20 years. It’s two straps built together which is great cause I like my guitar low.

Talia: Are there any pedals you use that make a big contribution to your sound?
Russ: My tuner.
Daniel: Yeah, he doesn’t really use pedals. I use a couple, but I play mostly with the sound of the amp and with pedals it just kind of accentuates. I have a Dunlop Wah, and I’ve had it since college.

Talia: What’s some history about A New Way to Live Forever?
Daniel: I met Russ in the late 90’s in south Florida music scene. We met at a club in west Palm Beach, he was in a band and so was I. We became friends and kept in touch throughout the years, I moved out here to Los Angeles when his band started their tour and I saw them at the Key Club. I moved back to Florida around 2010 and he was in another band at the time that ended up breaking apart and wanted to get the previous project A New Way to Live Forever, which started back in 2008 back together. This was around 2012 and I started out playing keyboards with them, they were already kind of re-established. So that’s how I became involved.
Russ: When my old band The Numb Ones dissipated then I started another band, then once that was over I had a writing renascence. I was writing a song a week, and still am, and I wanted to put something together that could accurately fulfill these songs that I have. I wanted to pick the best people and players that I knew.

Talia: Any suggestions for people trying to work their way up in the industry?
Russ: Innovate, don’t replicate. Don’t be afraid to stand out or try anything. Everything has been done, so it’s all different flavors at this point. Find your flavor and ride that thing.
Daniel: Perseverance. If you like writing and performing music, don’t stop. You never know when it’s going to be taken to the next level.

A New Way to Live Forever on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ANewWayToLiveForever


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