I got a chance to catch Jacky Vincent at NAMM, ex Falling in Reverse guitarist. He’s now focusing on his solo project and his new band called Cry Venom. Jacky is an incredibly talented guitarist who excels in speed. If you like shred metal, then you would love Jacky.

Talia: You've been playing guitar since you were a teen, correct? How did it all start out for you? (If I remember correctly you started at 16?)
Jacky: I started playing at around 7 I think. My dad and older brother played so I learnt from then initially.

Talia: What was the first guitar you started out with?
Jacky: My first guitar was a tiny 12 fret nylon string acoustic. I still have it

Talia: Now that you're not in Falling in Reverse do you plan on just focusing on your solo project, Cry Venom, or join a different band, or both?
Jacky: I am aiming for a Cry Venom and solo album release this year! I will be focusing on both my solo stuff and Cry Venom at the same time for the foreseeable future. 

Talia: Will the new Cry Venom album be like your Star X Speed Story album? Just mind blowing instrumentals or will there be any vocals?
Jacky: Cry venom is a full band with a vocalist. We have an incredible vocalist named Aleksey Smirnov who is extremely talented and versatile. I'll keep the instrumental stuff to my solo music.

Talia: Who are your biggest influences right now?
Jacky: I would say Galneryus, X Japan, hibria, sonata arctica, racer X, Fear and loathing in Las Vegas, symphony X, and some jazz fusion and EDM guys.

Talia: I know you're sponsored with Dean Guitars and S.I.T. strings, are there any other companies that you can tell me about?
Jacky: Yes, I recently just got picked up by Dimarzio pickups which I absolutely love.

Talia: Why did you choose Dean Guitars and what have they done for you along the years?
Jacky: What haven't they done for me? I think that's the question. I've always been in love with Dean guitars since I was a kid so to be endorsed is mind blowing. They play and sound phenomenal. Especially for the stuff I want to play.

Talia: I know you have a couple guitars with Dean, but do you have a specific dream guitar still or have they accomplished that for you?
Jacky: They have definitely accomplished that for me. 

Talia: What's your favorite type of wood and why? What makes it best for you?
Jacky: I don't think I could pick a favorite. 

Talia: How do you go about creating your tone for Venom Love / how did you go about it with Falling In Reverse?
Jacky: Just the same way I always have. I feel it in my hands and tweak my hear accordingly. I've always been a plug straight in kind of guy.

Talia: Tube amp or solid state and why?
Jacky: I have no particular preference, not fact I have never owned anything more than a practice amp.

Talia: Have you ever regretted selling specific gear and why?
Jacky: I always regret when I have to sell a guitar.

Talia: Is there a specific pedal you prefer over and FX process and why?
Jacky: I am a fan of the boss dd7. That's all I have used live. 

Talia: Favorite piece of equipment and why?
Jacky: My prototype signature Dean guitar because there's just something about the way it plays/sounds.

Talia: What's your string preference, why? What does S.I.T. do to help you with your strings?
Jacky: Because they S.tay I.n T.une and have great tone.

Talia: What's your favorite thing about your guitars?
Jacky: I love everything about them.

Talia: What kind of pickups do you use, and what made you choose them?
Jacky: I use Dimarzio Evolutions right now because they are very versatile.

Talia: What are the best things your sponsors have done for you?
Jacky: Put on clinics, help me with gear.

Talia: What advice could you give to anyone that looks up to you as a guitarist?
Jacky: Don't believe that you can't play something. Work at it relentlessly.

Talia:  What's in store for Cry Venom? Album? Touring?
Jacky: We are in the middle of recording our debut right now and a tour will be announced ASAP.

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