CyberStar NAMM Interview by Talia Faber!


Talia: Introduce yourself and what you do in the band

Dusty: I’m Dusty Winterrowd and I play drums

Billy: I’m Billy Grey and I play guitar

Jasen: I’m Jasen Moreno and I sing, we’re all in CyberStar

Talia: What kind of drums are you using, Dusty?

Dusty: I play a Pearl reference series

Talia:Who are your sponsors?

Dusty: I’m sponsored by Saluda Cymbals and Pearl Drums.

Billy: I play Diamond Guitars, Marshall Amps, and Laney Amps

Jasen: I am sponsored by Jerry Harvey Audio for in-ear monitors

Talia: What made you decide to be with these companies?

Dusty: I’ve played Pearl Drums my whole life, and I just feel like they’re the best drums out there. Saluda is an American cymbal company, they’re a newer company and have great sounds. I get some nice dark tones out of the cymbals I use, and I’m just really happy with them.
Billy: I use Diamond Guitars because I love the tone, the way they play, the workmanship on them, and I just want to stick to a company like the way Dimebag Darrell stuck with Dean Guitars/Eddie Van Halen is with Kramer. It’s a good relationship and they’re great instruments.

Jasen: Jerry Harvey offers a 16 driver monitor model that I was interested in because I wanted clarity and that level of sound. That’s the only model I could find that offered that, usually it’s an 8 driver and so they offer double that. They’re even offering more than 16 now, so Jerry Harvey was the only way to go for me.

Talia: How do you go about creating your tones?

Billy: Creating tones for me on the guitar is usually going for an over drive and distorted tone with a lot of low end and balls, but I just want it to be really clear. For the writing process of this band we just like a really heavy guitar sound with a lot of texture to it and we just go from there.

Talia: What are some of the influences on this band?

Dusty: I like a lot of current artists like Bullet for My Valentine, but I also like old Motley Crue, Slayer, I pretty much like it all.

Billy: I like everything from Van Halen to Dr. Dre to Bring Me The Horizon.

Jasen: Well that’s the beauty about it, you ask the three of us and you’re going to get three very different answers. I think that’s the key to the CyberStar sound, all the variety we have and once you get it all together on these songs is what you get. I’m into Queen, Phil Anselmo from Pantera, it’s really a mix of all the things that inspire us and we work well together with that and it becomes magic.

Talia: What’s your string preference and why?

Billy: My string preference is DR Strings, they last long and have the best tone to me. They have custom gauges that I like as well.

Talia: What’s your favorite piece of equipment?

Dusty: Brains.

Billy: Gibson Les Paul.

Jasen: I have a Telefunken Chrome m80 microphone that looks pimp as hell, and sounds great.

Talia: What’s your dream set up, if you don’t already have that?

Dusty: I almost have it with Pearl, I’m really happy with what I’m playing. Dream set up would be 
going on tour with these guys and being played on the radio.

Billy: What he said.

Jasen: I agree with what Dusty said.

Talia: Do you regret selling any gear from the past?

Dusty: No, I think everything whether I use it still or not was an experience.

Billy: No because I needed the money.

Jasen: What Billy said.

Talia: What was the first guitar you started out with, Billy?

Billy: I started out with an Aria Pro II Strat Copy

Talia: What’s the history of the band?

Billy: The history of the band started when Jason and I were on tour together. Jason is in Drowning Pool and I play in a band called Fozzy, and Dusty is in a band called Allele. Jason and I met on tour, hit it off, loved the way he sang and asked him if he would sing on a couple tunes of mine and he did. 
Dusty I met through another band, asked him to be the drummer, we all liked what we had been doing, and you can go online and check out CyberStar music on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook/all social media outlets.

Talia: Where are you guys based out of?

Billy: All over the country; Atlanta, Florida, and Dallas.

Talia: Do you guys tour a lot?

Billy: No we have never toured, we’re just a cyber band right now, hence the name CyberStar. All the songs were written bouncing things back and forth, via the internet and email which is how we’ve written the songs we have and have the sound that we have.

Talia: Any tips you could give to anybody just starting out in music or trying to work their way up in the industry?

Jasen: Keep playing every chance you get, even if it seems beneath you, you have to check your ego and you need to bleed for your craft. Advocate for yourself, and keep playing every chance you get. If someone wants you to play twice in a night, then you do it just to get your name out there. Also, take great advantage of social media. Market yourself on social media, and a lot of it is free.

Check out their latest single here:


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