Toronto based Hard Rock band Last Bullet have released a music video for their new single "Sin". Envisioned, edited and co-directed by frontman Bryan Fontez, "Sin" was filmed in the 24th floor attic of Toronto's historical landmark the Fairmont Royal York Hotel (the 1929 built setting for Saw 5). The celebrity destination hotel, where Jim Morrison scratched his name in the same attic wall where the video was filmed, required the band carry all of their equipment up 700+ flights of stairs. Be sure to check out the Behind The Scenes / Making of video HERE.

In many ways the world has become a dark, cold and detached place to live. Prejudice, ignorance, materialism and a lack of empathy are beginning to divide us and cast a dark cloud over everything. "SIN" was written from a cynical but very realistic point of view, about all that is wrong with modern society. The metaphor and lyrical imagery depict not only a set of misguided values and priorities, but a life that is being manipulated by corporations, products, content and more. -Bryan Fontez
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Here's the thing. I could use this moment to give you a cookie-cutter style, formulaic blurb about all of our accolades, accomplishments, tours and experiences, using a ton of adjectives to describe how cool we are and why you should listen to our music, but I'm not gonna insult you like that. Instead I'm just gonna shoot straight with you, and assume that you'd like to know the truth about our band, so here goes...
We try our absolute hardest to embody every single aspect of live rock music that people genuinely love. We are lovers of music ourselves, and we enjoy being entertained more than anything. We believe that every live show is it's own unique experience that is governed by the setting, acoustics and energy of the crowd. We believe that every song should sound better than it does on the album, every single time, and that solely playing your instrument - no matter how well - is a massive disrespect to your audience. We put the onus of responsibility on ourselves to get your feet stomping, your hips shaking and your head banging. We live and die by that creed.
Last Bullet is more than just a band, it's an experience. We might play rock, but our music is for everyone. We don't care how you look, where you're from, or what you listen to, we will catch your attention and keep it, while raising both your pulse and the temperature of the venue. If that also happens to encourage an epidemic of stink-face, casual sexual encounters or increased bar sales, then so be it.
With a burning passion to make a career out of what we love doing, we've been able to accomplish some truly amazing things in the 7 years that we've been together. Most recently we've been hard at work on our new EP, in an attempt to produce the best music we've ever made. As easy as it is to be biased of your own work, we truly believe in what we've been able to accomplish in the studio with our friend Brian Moncarz recently, and we genuinely feel optimistic about the future of these songs and ultimately, this band.


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