Rock Allegiance 2015, a monstrous one day festival that satisfied the needs of thousands of eager rock fans to a sold out show.
PPL Park in Chester, Pennsylvania was prepared early for the thousands arriving. Parking was a breeze with multiple security personnel at every corner giving directions along with the local police department directing traffic. Multiple entrances into the venue made it easy for everyone to herd in quickly even after a thorough security check. Locations for food and drinks could be found easily inside and outside of the stadium. The organization of this festival was impressive. The bands were on stage on time, the food vendors were prepared with the correct amount of supplies, and security was prepared for the moshers and crowd surfers pummeling them to get up front.

   At first glance of the crowd it was obvious there were a lot of festival veterans in attendance. Everyone knew where they wanted to be. The banner outside of the stadium with the bands playing schedule was a popular meeting place. Many goers took a picture to make sure they knew exactly when their favorite band would be playing. The energy the crowd gave off was incredible. There was so much interaction from the tent stage all the way inside to the east and west stages. These people were happy to be there and grateful to be a part of the overall experience. The bands fed off of it and gave incredible performances. There was such a sense of togetherness.

  There were a few things at this new festival that really made it stand out. The people that attended Rock Allegiance will be ready to rock and roll all the way back to Pennsylvania next year for sure. The first thing that stood out was the tent stage. The tent made the performances much more intimate which was great but it did make it a bit more difficult for people outside the tent to watch. Then there were the accommodations for the media personnel. They provided quiet areas to work with easy access which was much appreciated and a great secondary view of the bands. Next was the VIP area. The view from the VIP areas bar was spectacular, overlooking the Delaware River and Commodore Barry Bridge. It was also private which let you escape from the chaos for a few moments to catch your breath and ready yourself for more rocking out. Next you must know about the VIP area on the floor near the main stages. Festival goers already know how difficult it is to get up front for the big bands on the main stage. With the VIP access you have a special area that is all to you on the floor! This allows you to come and go and still get close to the stage. Lastly, at the end of the night, during Rob Zombie’s remarkable set, fireworks were set off. They really set the festival into a different category of badassery.

  I had the opportunity to speak with a couple of Rock Allegiance attendees. Nicole Cosentino from Mays Landing, New Jersey brought her seven year old daughter Carmen Lee with her and this is was she had to say, Both me and my daughter mainly came to see butcher babies. Which it was my daughters first metal concert ! And of course our favorite performance was butcher babies! And definitely if they do another rock allegiance both me and my daughter will be back again! So many bands, amazing people and friends all coming together to have a great time! We had such a blast!!!”

I also got to speak with a young lady Lexi Bernt that came all the way from Omaha, Nebraska. I asked if she would consider coming back to Rock Allegiance and her answer was charming. “I would definitely come back to Rock Allegiance. It was a perfect day, perfect stadium, amazing lineup, great people and unforgettable memories were made that day! It was the perfect festival to meet new friends and see familiar faces!”
Fans of rock and metal music are a family. They come together for these large events ready to party and watch amazing musicians perform, so the atmosphere and lineup are important. Rock Allegiance did a wonderful job of making sure everyone had a wild time and stayed safe while doing so, along with providing a premium selection of bands. People will be eager to see what Rock Allegiance has in store for them next year.

Please enjoy the festival photo gallery below by Coen Beck & Nick Ball of Salohcin Clothing and the newest part of the B.A.H. Magazine family.


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