Crossfaith Stream New Album XENO

Crossfaith have unveiled their forthcoming album XENO in full. The Josh Wilbur (A7X, Lamb Of God, Hatebreed) produced album is now streaming in full online ahead of the official Sept 18th release on UNFD. 

Listen to XENO here:

Pre-order the album XENO here or at

"After releasing our last album Apocalyze, we toured the world and had so many great experiences, but something awful happened. Our guitarist Kazu had a brain hemorrhage which affected his left arm - I couldn't imagine how scared he was about it, he's not just a band member, more like family. We spent a long time to discussing what would happen next, but Kazu told us simply 'I will never give up’. His words pushed us to the next level, so we started writing for XENO. When we listened to the title track Xeno at producer Josh Wilbur's studio, we all cried as we celebrated the birth of XENO. I just can't wait to share this experience with everyone!” explains front man Kenta Koie.

This record has a story of hope, failure, love, betrayal and death woven into its fabric so skillfully it's impossible to tell where truth ends and fiction begins. It's both an escape from and examination of reality that reveals more and more truths the further it delves.

Xeno is a character, two to be exact. This is an intricate story of artificial intelligence meets human desperation. The two combine to see the human Xeno, so distraught with the state of the world that he endeavors to bring creation through devastation.

An artistic endeavor like few others, with roots in manga, anime and the furthest reaches of its creators' minds,Xeno catapults Front man Kenta 'Ken' Koie, guitarist Kazuki Takemura, bassist Hiroki ‘Hiro’ Ikegawa, keyboardist Terufumi 'Teru' Tamano and drummer Tatsuya Amano to another level.

Check out the video for the first official single “Devil’s Party” here:

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