Pain of Salvation new video for "Falling Home".

Falling Home, the critically acclaimed acoustic album by Swedish progressive rock innovators Pain of Salvation, was recently released domestically in North America via InsideOutMusic. Now the band is proud to debut the new promotional video for the album's title track. 

Check out the atmospheric video for "Falling Home", which was shot in Iceland by director Hilmir Berg Ragnarsson and produced by Hilmir Berg Ragnarsson and Soley Astudottir.


Pain of Salvation's Daniel Gildenlöw commented as follows:
"I started last year with four months in the hospital, battling flesh eating bacteria, and somehow managed to bounce back to see myself playing Vegas dressed in a rabbit suit. That considered, it felt perfect to end the year knee deep in snow on Iceland, shooting a video for "Falling Home" in a blizzard, with a dead coyote draping my freezing shoulders. I mean, who would have guessed a few years back that the latter would actually turn out to be one of the more normal situations of my 2014? :)
I loved every minute on Iceland, and my all-in personality could not have asked for more. When we were not pushing through the snow outside, we'd sit hours on hours in a cold basement of an old power plant, singing the song over and over again with numbing hands and feet, while the Reykjavik sun was setting outside the heavy concrete walls. Damn, we threw ourselves into this video, whole-heartedly and passionately, and I think anyone watching it will feel that.

Huge thanks to everyone who helped out with this video, but most of all to Hilmir and Sóley!"

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In related news, tomorrow (Saturday, February 7th) sees Pain of Salvation's Daniel Gildenlöw once again appearing at the semi final of Sweden's massive Melodifestivalen song contest on national TV. 

Pain of Salvation previously appeared as part of the event in the year 2010 with the song "Road Salt", but this year's competition will feature Gildenlöw as solo-artist with a song called "Pappa".

Daniel Gildenlöw checked in with the following comment:

 "The Melodifestivalen ("The Melody Festival") is a really big thing here in Sweden, with basically half the population tuning in on national TV. It is a contest with the purpose to let the nation vote and decide which artist and song we will send to Eurovision Song Contest to represent Sweden. ABBA became famous when they represented Sweden with "Waterloo" as you probably know. Nowadays the contest is divided into four big semi finals, all broadcasted on national television with millions of viewers. The top two in every semi will go directly to the finals, and the 3rd and 4th will go to something called Second Chance, to battle again for a possible place in the finals.

Pain of Salvation, surprisingly, were encouraged to send in a song in 2010, and made it all the way to Second Chance with the song "Road Salt" (resulting in that song getting substantial airplay on various large national radio hit lists such as Svensktoppen and Tracks, usually very unlikely forums for a band such as Pain of Salvation). Next Saturday(Feb 7th) I'm entering the first semi final on my own, with a singer/songwriter song in Swedish.

For me, it's quite unlikely and surprising to find myself here. I sent the song in a few years back, thinking someone else could sing it. I didn't think much more about it until the year after, when suddenly I was contacted about the song - it had made a big impression on the jury and they wanted it to be in the contest for 2014, and they wanted me to do it myself. At that point I had just accepted a tour with Transatlantic and found myself having to decline the offer of participating in Melodifestivalen. Talk about being torn. In the end I had to watch both the contest and the tour from the sidelines, being stuck in a hospital bed for months.

So, I honestly thought the opportunity had passed me by, when I was asked again a few months back if I would want to participate with the song for 2015. Now, of course I would. It's not the kind of song I had pictured participating with, and it feels a bit lonely to be there without the band, and I'm a bit uncomfortable singing in Swedish. But I have always strongly advocated the benefits of being outside your comfort zones, so here I am.

The song is called "Pappa" ("Dad" in translation) and is a song about the divorce generation, as seen from the eyes of a child stuck between parents that used to be the hub of his existence.

I have tried to walk that naive balance between blame and hope - a child trying to connect with a dad who has a new family, new kids. There is a sadness there, for sure, but also a lot of hope and love, and warmth. It's a difficult topic, partly because it is around us all the time and risks becoming a pastiche if you don't do it whole heartedly, but also because this topic is revolving around the fact that children lack the emotional tools and words to fully address this, and when writing a song about it I felt I wanted that lack of tools and words to be there, at the heart of the song. But that means you have to put a lot of the emotional content between the lines, so to speak, just touch the depths ever so gently and let the listener do the rest.

The first semi is usually the toughest, and I guess only Swedish fans can vote in the end, but I'm sure I'll feel the moral support from the whole fan base as I walk out on that stage next Saturday in front of a few million viewers."


The contest is broadcasted live through SVT1 (Swedish Television channel 1) onSaturday, February 7th at 20:00 (8:00 pm) local time and more info can be obtained here: or here:

In other news, Pain of Salvation are currently also working on a new studio album effort, which will "see the band going back to its harder roots of the early albums again". Look out for more Pain of Salvation news soon.

Pain of Salvation Line-Up 2014:
Daniel Gildenlöw - lead vocals, acoustic guitars
Ragnar Zolberg - acoustic guitars, vocals
Léo Margarit - drums, vocals
Daniel D2 Karlsson - rhodes, organs, vocals
Gustaf Hielm - acoustic basses, upright bass, vocals

Pain of Salvation online:


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