INERTIA Releases Official Debut Lyric Video "Forbidden Door" Ft. David Moore.

5 piece metalcore band INERTIA has released their debut lyric video "Forbidden Door" Ft. David Moore of As We Walk from the upcoming debut album "Tribulations"

Check Out Inertia's "Forbidden Door" Ft. David Moore Below:

Really happy with the release of the single. Inertia is definitely taking a different direction, as far as our music writing/meaning goes, than most that I know of. I've always had this idea for a great story I wrote and I'm just really happy to have it out in the music. We want to keep on continuing this way. Bringing a theatrical-like experience to the scene. -Teddy Herrera

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About Inertia:

Taking the art of storytelling to a whole other level through the power of music,INERTIA is 5 piece metalcore band coming straight from the heart of Texas and they are ready to burst in the scene with what they have in store for the world. Started forming in early winter of 2014, Inertia is driven to make its listeners feel like they’re within the story that’s being told in the music, to feel every emotion throughout it. Taking its versatile talents of its musicians to create solid music, Inertia strives themselves in spreading its passion and insights to all who come across their heedless, invigorating, unique and imaginative lyrics. Inertia’s approach is to create stories and implement them into concept albums for a more indulging and interactive music experience for their fans. Needless to say Inertia hopes its fans are eager for a new direction in the metalcore scene.
INERTIA’s debut EP “Tribulations” is currently being worked on, soon to hit the studio. For a more theatrical-like experience, the story takes place with a main character, in the 18th century, who is an artist, more of a painter than anything. One day he finds himself waking from a dream he can’t remember only to discover his flesh devoured with scorch marks. Having no memory of this or of anything else about himself, his life, he only knows that his art is all that remains. One thing he can’t escape from however, is the haunting image in his head. An image that will not go away, an image of what appears to be an angel or a demon, he thinks. As the images continue to haunt, he decides to apply his visions to a large canvas. Thinking to himself, once he’s done, all the answers will come to him. Little does he know what lies in store for him. Inertia’s first single is chapter three of their story, “Forbidden Door.” Where the artist finds himself waking up in the middle of the night to find out hell has entered his home, from the demonic sketches that he put away in a room. A nightmare is about to begin.. Keep a look out for Inertia’s full first story release in the near future!
Vocals - Samuel Saucedo
Guitar - Teddy Herrera
Guitar - Found, announcement coming soon
Bass - Found, announcement coming soon
Drums - Found, announcement coming soon


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