Photo by: Christopher Crouse.

Q:  Tell your fans how the recording process has changed (if at all) from Karma and Effect to your new album Isolate and Medicate?

John: Really the way the band works and performs in the studio has not changed. Technology has. The bands first few albums were recorded using 2" tape. Now everything is digital and recorded using Pro-Tools. However, we do NOT over use this luxury. We still perform and overdub live, in the studio. No computer trickery!

Q:From Thomas Baumgartner: What was the origin of "Same Damn Life", and what initially inspired the idea for the lyrics and the music video?

John: We always felt the videos which showed the bands humor are some of our best. ie: Fake It, Country Song. So, we came up with the idea of the band rockin' a nursing home. But, rather than the band being themselves... we would age ourselves. It's not making fun of old people. It's showing, as we get older...it still should be a celebration. We might need more naps by that time... but, you can stay young at heart.

Q: From Sharlene Monakino Homnick: What do they do you guys do as a band on your non touring time?. Hobbies everyday life..

John: Well, I'm a husband and a father of two boys. So, I go home... And take kids to school and music lessons. I also take out the trash. However, as a hobby these days... I love the sound of vinyl. I even love to find old record stores on a day off. I've amassed a bit of a collection.

Q: From June Angela:  What if any charities do you guys support? Volunteer for?

John: Our annual "Rise Above Fest" is a benefit concert.  All proceeds go to SAVE. An organization for suicide awareness. It is an epidemic, especially among teenage kids. It's also something that's very dear and important to us, due to the loss of Shaun's brother. A lot of other great bands have also donated their time and performances for this great cause.
Please follow link to read more on "Rise Above Fest". http://riseabovefest.com/

Q: The cover song you have always wanted to do but have never gotten the chance to do live in concert?

John: We've always pulled out a song from a favorite band, from time to time. We are, currently, performing "Change (in the house of flies)" by Deftones. I think we do a pretty damn good job too.

Q: A lot of bands have some great be it odd or strange pre show rituals, what are some of Seether’s?

John: I think people would be surprised to see how low key things backstage are before a Seether show. I'm usually warming up on a practice kit. The guys are sipping their pre-show cocktails. It's the "calm before the storm." Then, we'll give each other the "fist bump" and hit the stage.

Q: From Debbie Brese Gangemi:  Do you guys only write for yourselves or do you write music for other bands?

John: We pride ourselves on being a band that writes its own music. We don't enlist the help of outside songwriters. If time allows, I'm sure we would like to write for or even produce other bands. Maybe in the future. Seether's "dance card" is pretty full!

Q: How did the saying "Boobies and Ranch" come about..

John: Shaun's brother Eugene, RIP, was a big fan of both those things. Of course, we are too. So as bit of a homage and again, a bit of humor for the "Same Damn Life" video... Shaun wore the hat sporting the words of wisdom "Boobies and Ranch".

Q: I was asked by Justin DeMoss, John what are your drum spec's?

John: I play Crush drums. Their Sublime series. Those are a maple shell. (2x) 24" kick drums, 13" Tom, 14",16" and 18" floor toms. I use a 6.5" x 14" hand hammered hybrid snare also by Crush. I play Sabian cymbals, Evans drumheads, Carmichael Thrones and Vic Firth sticks.

Q: What is a song that you have on your Ipod playlist that might surprise your fans?
John: Oh, I have a lot of guilty pleasures. I'll go with... The Temptations "Its Just My Imagination". I love classic Motown!

Q: John I would like to thank you for your time and letting your fans get to know a little bit more about you guys, what would you like to add and want your fans to know?
John: I would like to thank everyone for the many years of support. We have some of the most absolute loyal fans. Hope to see everyone out on the road.


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