MASSiVE Releases Controversial New Music Video "Lead Hands" ft. Landon Tewers of The Plot In You.

New York-based metalcore band MASSiVE have released their new controversially-charged music video on police brutality, "Lead Hands," featuring Landon Tewers of The Plot In You. The hardcore-influenced track was produced by Joey Sturgis (The Devil Wears Prada, Asking Alexandria) and the video was directed by Sam Link(Sleeping With Sirens, Bruised But Not Broken, and Crown The Empire).

Check out MASSiVE 'Lead Hands':

I think police brutality is a small part of a much larger issue. The issue being that we as a whole continue to put people in positions of power who don't have our best interests at hand. Our world is growing increasingly unstable, and it's more apparent now then it has ever been, so the idea behind the song is to incite change, only by opening minds so we can come to understand that things are not as they seem to be. We've all grown tired of the ignorance and the lies but it's only by our own hands will they ever change for the better. -Rob Ulshafer, MASSiVE frontman.

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About MASSiVE:

5-piece metalcore band MASSiVE was founded in late 2012 by Craig andAnthony, who were initially starting a pop-rock group until they made the decision to go back to their roots in hardcore. Joey was then invited to audition for the band, as they were familiar with him and his vocals from the local music scene. The trio wrote several songs together, which eventually got the attention of several producers and management companies. Not more than a year later, Rob and Emmett joined MASSiVE as the last and final additions to the group. By blending elements of thrashy metalcore with the high-energy of nu-metal and progressive rock, the band set out to create their own sound, unique among the rest. MASSiVE grabbed the attention of producer Joey Sturgis in the Fall of 2013, who then worked with them on several songs at 37 Studios in Detroit, MI. The band is currently working with director Sam Link on a series of music videos to be released Fall/Winter 2014.

Rob Ulshafer - vocals 
Craig Johns Jr. - guitar 
Anthony Caggiano - drums 
Joey Scott DeVito - bass, vocals 
Emmett Maloney - guitar


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