SOLACE OF REQUIEM Release "Soiling the Fields of Putridity" Video.

Technical blackened death metal trio SOLACE OF REQUIEM have released the official music video for "Soiling the Fields of Putridity." Taken off the band's newest album, Casting Ruin, the song and video both address religion's choke hold on science. 

The band comments:

"This video was entirely self-made on a very small budget. We hope you enjoy what we have created.... The men in gas masks represent the pioneers of science, technology, hard work and progress. They also represent the many martyrs of science that have sacrificed so much in the name of logic and reason. The shrouded figure represents organized religion and its paralyzing veil of ignorance, apathy and segregation. The Slave Girls represent the innocent victims that are born into a society that has enslaved them without their consent nor their knowledge. The Slave Master represents the false prophets and self-proclaimed deities that have used their dogma to advocate oppression and barbaric behavior. The landscapes represent the common reality we all share with each of the groups represented within them. In essence, the landscapes offer an insight into the true reality, which is ultimately left unchanged."

Video links: 
Uncensored (NSFW) version:    

Casting Ruin will be out August 29 on digital and CD formats via ViciSolum Productions. Pre-orders are available at  

The fourth release from this criminally under-recognized extreme metal act, Casting Ruin is without a doubt the band's finest hour. These nine highly evolved, yet relentlessly violent tracks are as listenable as they are devastating. called Casting Ruin "one mean, complex, stupefying and brutal motherfucker," but words alone cannot describe this contender for 2014's most metal album. Digital pre-orders come with a free download of the band's 2010 release The Great Awakening.

"Casting Ruin WILL crucify, dominate and take over the world like a massive storm of sickness!" - Underground Noise 666

"Solace Of Requiem's fourth release is one that should transport you to some otherworldly realm via its unorthodox chambers of brutality." - Metal Forces Magazine

Classically Composed / Brutally Rendered . . Casting Ruin, will prove to be a benchmark in brutal, atmospheric and technical song writing. Incorporating the study of binaural audio into their already complex structures, SOLACE OF REQUIEM has used this knowledge to facilitate the unorthodox poly-rhythms and complex writing style found in their latest work. If you were to hard-pan your speakers left, and then right, you would practically hear two separate songs. Combining these two songs creates the illusion of a third (main) song. This is the technique from which SOLACE OF REQUIEM has created it's original sound, unique to any known genre of death metal or black metal.

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