PENTAGRAM CHILE debut "The Death of Satan" on!

Pentagram Chile are preparing to release their new album, "The Malefice," on November 12th in North America. In advance of the album being available in stores and online, Last Ritesis hosting a stream of a new track, "The Death of Satan." Fans can hear this song now at HERE.
Guitarist/vocalists Anton Reisenegger comments on the song: "The Death of Satan is one of the most complex songs on the album. I really love the fact that you never know where it's going to take you next, musically speaking. It also has all the trademarks of our old demo material, but I think it sounds fresh and is totally relevant for today's metal scene, where artificial speed and technical trickery has become more important than real feeling. Lyrically, I think no one is shocked by satanic themes anymore, so I thought we might as well shock the metal community by proclaiming the Death of Satan. But the lyrics are actually about the philosophical contradiction and artificial construct that is the notion of good against evil."

Check out "La Fiura" lyric video and preorder your copy of "The Malefice"

Metal Blade Records has once again teamed up with Germany's Cyclone Empire to bring metal fans in North America albums released by the iconic underground label. The latest release Metal Blade has picked up for distribution is none other than legendary death metal band PENTAGRAM CHILE's new album The Malefice.

Formed in 1985 as PENTAGRAM, the band was soon handled as one of South America's most promising death metal exports in the burgeoning international underground movement. Their two demos released in 1987 helped set the standard for many bands to follow and shape the sound of death metal as we know it today. However, PENTAGRAM disbanded in 1988 out of frustration at the lack of results and the hostile environment surrounding them. Yet the demos kept spreading in the tape-trading circuit, influencing such renowned artists as NAPALM DEATH, DISMEMBER, AT THE GATES, DARKTHRONE, ENTOMBED and many more.

In 2009 the three original members of PENTAGRAM reunited for a short European tour which included an appearance at the famed Wacken festival, as well as headlining shows in London and Oslo. Encouraged by the fans' response and the renewed band chemistry, the band decided to carry on and finally record their first studio album in 2011. After some setbacks with the drums tracks, which forced the band to scrap the recording, the album was delayed for another year at which point the band regrouped with veteran Chilean drummer Juan Pablo Donoso (SADISM, EXECRATOR, THRONAFIRE). During this time the band decided to officially change their name to PENTAGRAM CHILE in order to avoid confusions with the much longer running US doom rock band fronted by Bobby Liebling.

The album, titled The Malefice, was finally completed in early 2013 and was recorded at drummer Juan Pablo Donoso's Sade Studio in Chile and HVR Studios in the UK. The main part of the record consists of all-new material written by founding members Reisenegger and Uribe.

With The Malefice set to be released in the US on November 12, PENTAGRAM CHILE are already confirmed to co-headline London's Live Evil Festival in October. The band is also working on a book to document their improbable and turbulent history.

"Pentagram from Santiago Chile was one of my most influential bands ever! …I hope the world will stand back and take notice that it just doesn't get any better than this!!!" - Mitch Harris (NAPALM DEATH) 

"Pentagram [Chile] is Death Metal. I don't really care if the band themselves ever thought the label suited them or not. Death Metal is about raw power. Not about fancy little scale sweeps on your nice little guitar. Death Metal is not fancy or nice and Pentagram [Chile] is about as far as you can get from nice - perfect, thank you very much. Crank it up and get hit by some real heavy shit." - Nicke Andersson (IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC, DEATH BREATH, Ex-ENTOMBED, Ex-THE HELLACOPTERS)

Anton Reisenegger - lead guitar, vocals
Juan Pablo Donoso - drums
Juan Pablo Uribe - lead guitar


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