Reptilian Death – The Dawn Of Consummation and Emergence Album Review by Conor Wasson.

When you think of metal, what country jumps to mind? Norway, Sweden, America? Chances are it was one of those, or any of the other countries that constantly output quality music. Rarely, if ever, does one associate India with metal, since its musical culture is more geared towards something like this: Reptilian Death are about as far from Punjabi music as you can get. They play a very interesting mix of tech and brutal death with some grindcore influence, with a very heavy emphasis on the brutal part of things. These guys sound seriously evil, like the kind of music that would play during a killing spree. In a word, this album is crushing. They do stretch the limits of technical death metal, but the brutality is apparent from the opening track, and doesn’t let up until the closing track is over. As is the case with this type of music, things do blend together a bit, but I wouldn’t really call that a bad thing.
            I tried to do an in depth, track-by-track review, but in reality, a lot of these are too short to really get in depth. For the most part, a lot of these songs are fairly simple riffs played incredibly fast over some creative drumming and some of the most evil sounding vocals I’ve ever heard. There are a few breakdowns interspersed tastefully throughout the album, enough to get you out of your seat and moving, but not so many that it gets boring. The best example of this is Emerge, Emerge, Emerge, the fifth track on the album. For the most part, the soul shatteringly heavy guitar overshadows the bass, but when it comes out, it really shines. The bridge of Distorted By Bondage, Blood, and Bestiality is the best example of this, and a track I highly recommend it. The lead guitar work is absolutely stunning in the right spots, and Marvelous Gods – The Apple Of My Eye showcases this perfectly. Throughout the album, the vocals remain the driving force. Even for death metal, they’re a bit tricky to understand, but Demonstealer’s performance on O, the album’s 9th track, is the highlight for me.
            This album is a picture perfect example of brutal death metal. It’s fast, relentless, heavy, loud, gory and awesome. Unfortunately, it gets a bit repetitive near the end, but it’s not a record made for sitting down and relaxing. This is the album I would use as the soundtrack to my killing spree, hypothetically speaking. One minor gripe I do have is the transitions between the tracks are kind of weak, but it’s pretty easy to forget about as the next track comes roaring back. All in all, a definite solid buy, and one I recommend.

Essential tracks:
Emerge, Emerge, Emerge
Distorted by Bondage Blood and Bestiality

Marvelous Gods - The Apple Of My Eye

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