REVIEW BY: Lane Steele, PHOTO'S BY: Brad Worsham of MonSTARphoto
Modern Metal legends, Devildriver descended upon Los Angeles. The band is going strong with a long history of 6 studio albums and is currently touring in support for latest LP "Winter Kills". DD is followed on the bill by famed metal group Trivium, After The Burial and local opener Thrown Into Exile. This is a legit "Modern Metal" bill and is good to see the genre getting proper recognition in this day and age.  Devildriver and After The Burial I was very excited to check out and they did not disappoint. Okay so lets get to it! 
First up 7:00 pm sharp the local band, Thrown Into Exile played an amazing set for an opening band.  I have seen this band a decent amount of times and have always liked TIE's brand of "Modern Metal". This band has made major progress since I last saw them at the Roxy earlier in the summer.  Since then they went on the Mayhem Fest tour and the growth in the musicianship and tightness was like a well oiled machine. The stand out song was the band's new song "Monster" .Drummer Chase Brickenden is a total technician behind the kit, having great presence and hitting extremely hard. While vocalist Evan Seidlitz's vocals were killer and crowd handling skills were outrageous. Something that needs to be said about TIE’s crowd interaction which was then even better than the first band of the tour package. After the show I caught up with Thrown Into Exile where they gave me a sneak peak onto some songs they are working on and fair be it to say I think there upcoming material shows major "Mainstream" promise.

 So now Tech Metaller's, After The Burial! The music is brutal, technical, progressive and very diverse. I enjoyed the Meshuggah influence. The Lead guitarist Trent Hafdahl performance was excellent and very memorable but in all honesty I found the vocals of the band to be a tad generic and one dimensional and lacking complementing the dynamics of the music itself.  I would after this show say I am fan of this band and do appreciate the technical ability and will follow there albums to come.

Unto Co-headliners Trivium! Crowd was chanting "Trivium!" "Trivium!" "Trivium!" Before the much anticipated set. I have always enjoyed a select few songs of the band and have as a player given props to Matt Heafy's abilities as a Vocalist/Guitarist. The band played a 10 song set starting with the song "Thrones". The crowd was singing along and very into it plus in the band shirt count I saw the most fans in Trivium shirts. However I found that I enjoy the vocals, drums and energy of the band live I may me bias that I feel this particular genre of Metal doesn't speak to me. I did like hearing "In Waves" and "Gunshot Head of Trepidation" . All over solid performance and more importantly fans were not disappointed.

Now Headliner and Metal luminaries, Devildriver time has come to hit the stage! They by far had the most crazy pits and loudest crowd "Pop" then all the bands. The new stage scrims and set up was quite impressive as well. On a side note I had the extreme pleasure to make our latest (Kauze) record with John Boecklin the drummer from DD and I must say he is a technical genius and working with him was a rewarding experiance.  This however is the first time I have seen DD live and was extremely impressed. The drums were brutal, loud, unrelenting and unforgiving in everyway possible and I am in no way bias in saying that comment. Mike Spreitzer's Guitar riffs and head banging were intense and in your face and a true lesson to anyone in head banging and crowd interaction as well. Frontman Dez Fafara commanded the crowd with total ease and confidence. His signature vocal tones and brutal screams were just as I expected if not more. The only portion I could say honestly Farrara had some mistakes were lyric wise was during their new song "The Appetite".  In his defense he recovered classy and quickly of which I give props to. The Setlist that night was perfect for them as well showcasing there long lasting history and not just the band's new record. The band played a 14 song set and to me the stand out songs were "Before The Hangman's Noose" "Hold Back The Day" "End of the line" and "Wrteched" I would love to see Devildriver again any day truly a band with unparalleled live energy.

To state my Disclaimer. Lane Steele best known for my work as the vocalist and founder of Kauze. I have recently ventured out to explore different aspects of my skill set and have decided to venture into writing, interviewing and contributing to the Metal press community.  I want to take an insiders look and an honest musicians take on music and life. This is a separate artistic endevour for me and I hope that my opinions and writings do not impede my band from playing with any metal act in the future. KEEP IT METAL!


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