FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY Reveal Another New Song!

This song is our homage to Budd Dwyer, a PA politician who committed suicide on national television back in 1987, one day before he was to be wrongfully sentenced for accepting a bribe.
In 2010 William Smith, another accused and convicted party revealed that he had given false testimony to incriminate Dwyer, who had spent his years in office combatting corruption on a state and federal level, and had professed his innocence throughout the trial.
Here's a section of Budd Dwyer's last words in a letter he had passed out the day of his suicide:
'To those of you with depth and concern the real story will be what I hope and pray results from this morning--in the coming months and years, the development of a true Justice System here in the United States. I am going to die in office in an effort to ...see if the shame[-ful] facts, spread out in all their shame, will not burn through our civic shamelessness and set fire to American pride.
Please tell my story on every radio and television station and in every newspaper and magazine in the U.S. Please leave immediately if you have a weak stomach or mind since I don't want to cause physical or mental distress. Joanne, Rob, DeeDee - I love you! Thank you for making my life so happy. Good bye to you all on the count of 3. Please make sure that the sacrifice of my life is not in vain.'
We felt an obligation to share this story as it's a powerful example of how truly skewed our political and justice system can become. If anyone's interested in learning more about Budd Dwyer and his life check out the movie Honest Man."
With Will Putney producing his own band this time around, this is some of the band's most forward thinking material to date. Artist Brian Mercer was also tapped to develop the stunning "Hellbound" cover art. With the release exactly one week away, the accolades continue to pile up.
"Hellbound is one of the angriest, most pissed-off releases of 2013." MeGusta Reviews
"Fit For An Autopsy‘s debut, The Process of Human Extermination, was awesome — but the band’s follow-up, Hellbound, is all-caps FUCKING AWESOME." -Metalsucks
"With 'Hellbound' Fit For An Autopsy has yet again set the standard of how an full length album should sound like." New Transcendence 10/10
"'Hellbound' is the definition of modern death metal."
FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY recently signed with Good Fight / eOne Music. The band is currently out on the road supporting THE ACACIA STRAIN and label-mates WITHIN THE RUINS, click here for dates.
1. The Great Gift Of The World
2. Still We Destroy
3. Thank You Budd Dwyer
4. Do You See Him
5. Tremors
6. Dead In The Dirt
7. There Is Nothing Here Worth Keeping
8. Mother Of The Year
9. Children Of The Corn Syrup
10. The Travelers
FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY IS: Nate Johnson - Vocals, Will Putney - Guitar, Patrick Sheridan - Guitar, Tim Howley - Guitar, Shane Slade-bass and Josean Orta - Drums.

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