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The Chimpz and a great line up of bands will be playing this event in support to raise money for Haven Ann Ray, a daring lil 2 year old diagnosed with a rare brain cancer. Bring your Family, kids, friends, etc... there will be additional activities: Bouncy house, swimming, food, drinks, raffles, silent auction by Pro Signatures, Tattoo Booth by Krakr Jaxx!!

GOROD's Nicolas Alberny Joins ANTROPOFAGO; Track Listing for "Æra Dementiæ" Unveiled.

French technical death metal band ANTROPOFAGO, once dubbed by Rock Hard as being part of "The three best Death Metal bands from France's nextgen" alongside label-mates AD PATRES and INSAIN, have boasted guitar-crafting wizard Hugo Mermet (maker of custom guitars for Gorod, Insain and many more) in its ranks for most of the band's existence. However, it has always been understood that a time might come where Mermet's business would hinder his ability to be a full-time contributor to ANTROPOFAGO. That time came recently when the band was at work on their upcoming full-length album, Aera Dementiae. Thus, a mutual decision was made to find a suitable replacement once the recording process was finished.  
That replacement was quickly found in GOROD guitarist Nicolas Alberny. With ANTROPOFAGO's fetish for musicianship, guitar and technique, it was no surprise that a guitarist of Alberny's caliber would answer the band's call. Having already recorded some gue…

BOMBUS present The Making of their Handcrafted Album Cover for THE POET AND THE PARROT.

BOMBUS, the bastard of everything heavy from Gothenburg/Sweden, not only put a lot of blood, sweat and beers in the recording of their Century Media Records debut THE POET AND THE PARROT, but also in creating the artwork. This isn't just another Photoshop crime. This is handcrafted original art done by former bass player Ulf Lundèn. Ulf documented the clay making process with a time lapse video which can been seen now on the NEW NOISE MAGAZINE website!  
Check out the Making Of the cover here:

Also, if you missed the band's two music videos (also created by Ulf), check them out: 
"Enter The Night": "Apparatus":
Plus "Into The Fire" lyric video (not done by Ulf but also good looking) 

BOMBUS online:

WHITECHAPEL launch new lyric video and contest to win signed ESP guitar on

Whitechapel are streaming their new lyric video for "Prostatic Fluid Asphyxiation" from the remastered version of their debut album, "The Somatic Defilment." Fans can watch the video now at HERE. In addition to watching the lyric video, fans can also enter to win an ESP guitar signed by the entire band!

Whitechapel's debut full-length album, The Somatic Defilement, is the album that firmly planted the band on an upward trajectory that has carried the band to the upper echelons of modern death metal. The band has taken The Somatic Defilement and placed it in the capable hands of Audiohammer Studios producer Mark Lewis for a complete re-mix, along with a re-master by Alan Douches. The results are staggering and give The Somatic Defilementa modern luster up to the standards of the band's most recent recordings. Fans can listen and order now at

WHITECHAPEL fans can subscribe to vocalist Phil Bozeman's channel, …

GWAR Endorses Super Bowl Petition, Announces Run Of Holiday Dates.

"Madness at the Core of Time" Tour Kicks off October 2nd
After a week and over 35,000 signatures, Antarctic overlords GWAR finally have officially reacted to the petition started by Jeff Cantrell of Morehead, Kentucky on to have GWAR play the Super Bowl Halftime Show.  The petition can be signed at
"It has long been the joy of GWAR to submit the human race to any number of hideous tortures, and I can't think of anything more horrible than you having to watch acts like The Black-Eyed Peas and Bruno Mars perform. So the temptation to ignore this is great! But then you start thinking about all of the people that who have never experienced GWAR before, and will be forced to do so if we do get the gig, well, at that point my colossal mega-ego kicks in and I am all over it."
After a long and wet fart, Oderus continued…"I really don't think we should be limited to playing the halftime show…I am offering GWAR as an actual team t…

Impending Doom Announce New LP.

Southern California Gorship outfitIMPENDING DOOM have announced an all new LP called "Death Will Reign" due outNovember 5, 2013via eOne Music. Recorded, Produced and Mixed by Will Putney at the Machine Shop, this is the band's most ferocious material to date. "Impending Doom have never sounded uglier and more desperate than on 'Death Will Reign,' says Alternative Press. Impending Doom has crafted a stunning, deliberate and unrelenting collection with a sense of purpose, drive and continuity."Death Will Reign" is the culmination of all that has come before, mining the bleak darkness and “scare” factor of last year’s"Baptized in Filth" and the dynamic fury of"There Will Be Violence" and "The Serpent Servant." All of those elements are injected with the return of the gritty rawness found within the unpolished grind of "Nailed. Dead. Risen," Impending Doom’s squealing cult-classic debut that introduced the world…

RIVERS OF NIHIL stream new song on

Rivers of Nihil have unveiled the second track from their upcoming album, "The Conscious Seed of Light." The brand new song, "Soil & Seed,"is streaming exclusively at HERE. Bassist Adam Biggs elaborates on the track: "Soil & Seed was one of the first songs we wrote for the record and it's been a staple of our live set ever since. We wrote this one for two reasons; to outline the interconnectedness of the earth and all living creatures, and to get people to headbang and stomp around like fucking maniacs. Enjoy!"

Rivers of Nihil, which also features vocalist Jake Dieffenbach, guitarists Jon Kunz and Brody Uttley, and drummer Ron Nelson, have added to their Fall touring schedule. In October, fans will be able to see Rivers of Nihil touring with Beneath the MassacreRings of Saturn, andLegion throughout the east coast. Confirmed dates can be seen below, as well as

"The Conscious Seed of Light,&quo…