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Righteous Vendetta announces fall tours with Taproot, Trapt.

Wyoming rock/metal act on the rise Righteous Vendetta has confirmed an extensive fall touring schedule, including a direct support slot to Taproot on the September/October "Fall to Action Tour" as well as a stint with Trapt beginning on Halloween. A list of all confirmed dates can be seen below.

"The end of this year has really been an amazing turn of events," said vocalist Ryan Hayes. "We are excited to announce we will be both supporting Taproot in September/October on the 'Fall to Action Tour' and Trapt in October/November. As we are about a quarter of the way into our tour dates with 10 Years, the rest of the year is looking to be packed with RV shows. It is surreal to us to be supporting bands that helped us follow our dreams and we anticipate growing relationships with all of them."

Currently on tour with hard rock luminary 10 Years, Righteous Vendetta is gearing up for the release of a new full-length, due out this fall. The upcoming LP wi…

Iron Man to release "South of the Earth" on October 1st in North America.

Rising out of the same Maryland/DC mean streets as fellow US doom pioneers Pentagram and The Obsessed, Iron Man was formed in 1988 as a Black Sabbath tribute band by guitarist Alfred Morris III, whose musical career began in 1977 with mysterious proto-doom cult FORCE. Al's legendarily heavy, unearthly guitar tone was already much in evidence on FORCE's ultra-rare 1981 debut EP - and it has only deepened, hardened, improved and refined in the ensuing 32 years. A brand new track from their new album, "South of the Earth," is on-line now. Stream "Hail to the Haze" at

"The main thing for me is Al's tone," enthuses Lee Dorrian, owner of Rise Above Records and Morris worshipper since the late 80s. "It's so brutal but in a natural way, no frills, straight for the gut. Listening to his riffs is like being stuck in a vat of molasses, unable to move with a rotating grinder lodged into the middle of your forehead down to t…

NOCTUM Reveal Album Artwork and Track Listing for New Full-Length Album Final Sacrifice.

Swedish rockers Noctum have confirmed an October 29th release date for their Metal Blade Records debut Final Sacrifice.  Today the artwork and track listing have been revealed. The cover art was painted by Timo Ketola (Sunn o))), Arktau Eos) and fits perfectly with the album's raw, natural sound.

The track "Liberty in Death" can be previewed HERE.

Final Sacrifice is a fictional horror story where each song communicates a portion of the overall narrative. The "final sacrifice" is like a red thread that ties the songs together and is the concept behind the art. Final Sacrifice is an analog piece of art in both audio and visual aspects.

About Noctum:
In the town of Uppsala, Sweden in the year 2009 a band called Séance was formed.  Moving at breakneck speed the band formed in September, recorded a two-song demo after adding guitarist Per Wikström to the lineup in October, and by November had changed their name toNoctum. Within those three months, the band signed an LP …

HORISONT to release "Time Warriors" in North America on October 1st.

Celebrated Swedish rock act, Horisont, are slated to release their third album this fall. "Time Warriors" will be released on September 30th in Europe via Rise Above Records and on October 1st in North America on Metal Blade Records. Since forming in 2006, this Swedish quintet have steadily established themselves as one of Europe's premier underground rock bands. Their first two albums – 2009's Tva Sidor Av Horisonten and 2012's widely acclaimed Second Assault – made it plain that the band have tapped directly into the heart of heaviness and guitar-wielding derring-do. Now, with their latest masterpiece, the vividly realised Time WarriorsHorisont are raising their game, refining and re-defining themselves and leaving the competition spluttering in the dust. Listen to "Writing on the Wall" and pre-order your copy

About "Time Warriors":
As the album title implies, Horisont – completed by guitarists Charlie Van Loo and …

TURISAS Premiere "Ten More Miles" Video At .

TURISAS have partnered with Revolver Magazine to premiere the music video for "Ten More Miles," from their new album 'TURISAS2013'. The album, the band's fourth studio release, comes out Tuesday, September 3 on Century Media Records. You can watch the video here:

Says TURISAS frontman Mathias Nygard of the epic video: "Times change, people change, bands change... but do they really change?" Produced and directed by fellow Finn Jukka Salo, the video is a nod to the past while addressing questions about our future. The track is the third  to be unveiled from 'TURISAS2013', following "Into The Free" (listen here) and "For Your Own Good" (listen here). 

The new album was produced by vocalist Mathias Nygard, and was recorded by Nygard and guitarist Jussi Wickstrom in a remote house outside of Helsinki, Finland. The mixing and mastering w…

Here's a new song from Fit For An Autopsy!

FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY released another new single called "Do You See Him" in anticipation of their upcoming new LP "Hellbound" due outSeptember 10th, 2013.  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN CLICK HERE TO PREORDER "HELLBOUND" With Will Putney producing his own band this time around, this is some of the band's most forward thinking material to date. Artist Brian Mercer was also tapped to develope the stunning "Hellbound" cover art. With the release only weeks away, some accolades are already starting to pile up. "Hellbound is one of the angriest, most pissed-off releases of 2013.MeGusta Reviews "Fit For An Autopsy‘s debut, The Process of Human Extermination, was awesome — but the band’s follow-up, Hellbound, is all-caps FUCKING AWESOME." -Metalsucks "With 'Hellbound' Fit For An Autopsy has yet again set the standard of how an full length album should sound like." New Transcendence 10/10 FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY recently signed with…

RIVERS OF NIHIL confirm tour with Beneath the Massacre; release new studio video.

Rivers of Nihil have added to their already busy Fall touring schedule. In October, fans will be able to see Rivers of Nihil touring with Beneath the MassacreRings of Saturn, and Legion throughout the east coast. Confirmed dates can be seen below, as well as Additionally, the band has released the first of three studio videos from their recording sessions at Mana Recording Studios in Florida. The video can be seen now at, where fans can also listen to "Rain Eater" and pre-order copies of "The Conscious Seed of Light."

"The Conscious Seed of Light," will be released on October 15th in North America and October 11th/14th in Europe/UK via Metal Blade Records. The album was recorded in March of 2013 at Mana Recording Studios in Florida with famed metal producer/musician Erik Rutan. Guitarist Brody Uttley said, "Working with Erik was a true privilege. Coming from the DIY circuit and immediately r…


"Sons of winter and stars – Rise!"
This short but significant excerpt of the track "Sons of Winter And Stars" not only is the wake-up call for everyone interested in music, it´s the battle cry of a band that released their self-titled debut album eight long years ago and had had to live up to the highest expectations and pressure of time for the eagerly awaited successor ever since. As "Wintersun" turned out to be a critically-acclaimed masterpiece of musical art, the band unintentionally found themselves facing the situation of having to out-do their previous work, and soon.

"I have awaken the darkness
Taste the fear! Taste the pain!
I am the one who seeks vengeance"

2012 it´s finally time to unleash WINTERSUN´s second full-length album "TIME I2. Over the course of eight years the band have taken both music and visuals to yet another level and while listening to their new effort you´ll be taken on a journey through the doors of time, a journey …