"Post Mortem Nihil Est" Due Out Nov 5th!

DAGOBA have released a lyric video for their very first single; called "I Empire" from their new record, "Post Mortem Nihil Est" due out Nov 5th, 2013 here in the States.

The band also recently confirmed their very first tour on American soil with DIR EN GREY

1. When Winter...
2. The Realm Black
4. Yes We Die
5. Kiss Me Kraken
6. Nevada
7. The Great Wonder
8. The Day After The Apocalypse
9. Son Of A Ghost
10. Oblivion Is For The Living
11. By The Sword

"Grooves, Grooves, Grooves." - Metal Hammer, 5/7

"'Post Mortem Nihil Est' is massive, epic and simply amazing." - H-T-M, 10/10

"Songs like the perky 'I, Reptile', the majestic 'Yes, We Die' or the athmospheric 'Nevada' clearly show that the band is as diverse as melodic. The band will definitely catch the attention from fans from acts like In Flames, Fear Factory and Paradise Lost." Legacy Mag

The artistic output of DAGOBA stands as a testament to the power found within the combination of brutal riffage, mind-bending symphonic atmosphere and dark electro grooves. "Post Mortem Nihil Est" is a shining jewel amidst the dustbin of modern music, offering a furiously creative and persistently dynamic display of nuanced, diverse and challenging material. There’s the stomach-punching rawness of true heavy metal and circle-pit inciting bottom end in the Dagoba sound, all of it beautifully balanced by classical elements and the throb and grind of industrial.

Dagoba has shared the stage with such genre giants as Metallica, Korn, Sepultura, Machine Head and Fear Factory, while dominating festival bills and club shows internationally. Built upon a foundation of stop-start Pantera type rhythms and Dimmu Borgir style ambience, Dagoba delve deep into the mines of black, death and modern metal and emerge with the most dazzling elements of each subgenre. Fans of Metallica, Morbid Angel and Cradle Of Filth can all connect to the Dagoba sound.

It’s a sound that could only have been born and bred in the South of France, with isolation breeding intense creativity and a unique stylistic point of view. The revolutionary spirit of Marseille is infused in Dagoba’s music and attitude. Rock Sound magazine declared: “Dagoba crushes everything and leaves no one alive!” And this was 10 years ago upon the release of the band’s first album!

The Dagoba story is one of perseverance, creative vision and passion. Perennial outsiders, the band forged an identity uniquely their own thanks to the environment that gave birth to them. “Marseille is just like Texas in the US,” lead singer Shawter reasons. “We're very different from the rest of the population. We have strong accents, which make us difficult to understand. We have strong character. We love to work hard. We have to. “ At the end of the day, Dagoba are capable of evocative and primal communication. As Shawter rightly points out: “Music is an international language.”


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