The sound of musical progress re-imagined as an unstoppable spiritual juggernaut, Californian’s prog metal crew 7 Horns 7 Eyes’ debut album Throes Of Absolution is a startling showcase for this young band’s wildly inventive and distinctive sound. A bewildering blend of crushing death metal, Djent-like grooves and freewheeling astral ambience, it looks likely to propel the band to the forefront of metal’s ongoing surge towards a brave new future.
“It’s easy and fast to imitate other bands, but there’s really no joy or accomplishment in doing that,” says guitarist Aaron Smith. “Being influenced and inspired is necessary and fine, but a true artist is obligated to create something that stands on its own merits. Really, it doesn’t matter a whole lot to us how exactly we’re categorised, as long as people are able to recognise that we work hard at crafting our music.”
Their name is taken from the Book Of Revelations and yes, 7 Horns 7 Eyes are ostensibly a Christian band, but there is much more to their musical and lyrical philosophy than the usual blank-eyed proselytising that other like-minded bands often rely upon. Instead, Throes Of Absolution’s lyrics share the broad horizons of their endlessly engaging musical accompaniment, resulting in an album that provides more intrigue than dogma, amid a thunderous maelstrom of jaw-shattering riffs and genre-busting experimentation.
“Some of the lyrics were written by our old vocalist Kyle, and some were written by our current vocalist [JJ ‘Shiv’ Polachek],” explains Aaron. “They write in different artistic styles, but the overarching theme laced throughout the album focuses on the inadequacy of mankind’s struggle to reconcile himself to God, and the pain and sacrifice of allowing God to bridge that gap.” Released in the UK by the ever-reliable Basick Records, Throes… has the potential to unite all manner of heavy music fans and its creators’ self-evident sense of adventure points to a fascinating future of infinite possibilities and limitless depth. For now, however, the band are enjoying the ecstatic response that their first effort is inspiring across the metallic spectrum. Their next task is to demonstrate their God-given chops in the live arena. Amen to that.
“We’ve received a lot of good press and made a lot of new fans so far,” states Aaron. “My hope is that we can continue gaining momentum and touring with great bands. We’re going out on a full US run soon with The Contortionist, Jeff Loomis and Chimp Spanner which will be awesome! I can’t say that we have any solid plans in place to come to the UK just yet, but we are eager to make the trip and will jump at it if given the opportunity!”
Throes Of Absolution is out now via Basick

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