Beast and the Harlot caught up with Eve To Adams Gaurav Bali for this exclusive e-mail interview about his band!!

 First off I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule  doing this interview.

B&H Q: Would you give a little information about your bands history?

Gaurav: The band was formed by Taki and Alex Sassaris in Florida when they were signed to songwriter Desmond Child's production company. They weren't happy with the musical climate in Florida or the other band members so they moved to NY and saw my ad in the Village Voice. We immediately clicked on a personal and musical level and also realized that we were raised in very a similar way. We've been the core of the band and our lineup was completed 3 years ago with the addition of our bassist, Eric Bergmann. Since our inception we've released 3 albums, 1 EP and we're currently the direct support act for the Creed 2 Nights Live tour.

B&H Q: How has the band grown since Queens To Eden ?

Gaurav: The band has grown in a few ways since Queens to Eden, but the most important element was the addition of Eric to the band. Obviously, adding a different ingredient changes the taste of food, and a band is no different. He's influenced the sonic landscape of the band because he's a very versatile player with many musical influences that are different than the rest of us. This really had a positive affect on the way that we write, record and perform our music. 

B&H Q: What is your favorite song off of Banquet for a Starving Dog?

Gaurav: My favorite song off BFAST is the title track. The reason is very simple: to me it has all the elements of the band that make us unique. The interplay of the rhythm section is a great foundation and makes the listener want to move...the vocal melodies are really memorable are performed with so much feeling... and the guitar goes thru many different mood swings which climax into a "traditional" guitar solo section...it's really a lot of fun performing this song live as well...

B&H Q: Best place to play a live gig and why?

Gaurav: My favorite places to play are outdoor festivals with huge audiences... since most festivals are all day or multi day events, there's also a chance to hang with fans, other band members and make a ton of new friends in a short period of time. I'm definitely looking forward to the festivals we're gonna hit this summer!

B&H Q: If you could tour with any band who would it be?

Gaurav: I'd love to tour with Stone Temple Pilots because i think we'd be a great fit with them and they're one of our favorite bands of all time that still exist...

B&H Q: What song do you most enjoy to play live?

Gaurav: I love playing our first single off BFAST, "Run Your Mouth"...alot of people in the audience know it and sing along... and for me, it's has has a lot of fun things going on with the guitar...

B&H Q: If you were in your garage just jamming what cover song would you play?

Gaurav: If I was in my garage, I'd be trying to learn and play old Van Halen songs! probably "Hot for Teacher...

B&H Q: I have seen your band been called " The Bastard Child of Guns N’ Roses and Bon Jovi " is this a fair representation of the band?

Gaurav: The "bastard child..." is a fair representation...we try to write very memorable and versatile songs like Bon Jovi, and we perform them with the intensity of GNR...those are 2 bands ANY band should want to be compared to...

B&H Q: Last question, one song on your IPOD that would surprise your fans?

Gaurav: It would surprise fans to know that I have Annie Lennox on my ipod....she's an amazing songwriter and singer...if it's good, it's good!



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